Korea Middle and High School Golf Association President Heo Nam-yang (left) and Korea Mizuno CEO Tetsuya Tanaka.

Mizuno Korea announced on the 19th that it has joined hands with the Korea Middle and High School Golf Association (Chairman Heo Nam-yang) to renew its support agreement for youth golf development, including the ‘Mizuno Dream Cup’ program.

Mizuno Korea has continued cooperation with the Middle and High School Golf Federation for the 9th year since 2016.

The ‘Mizuno Dream Cup‘ will be held four times, and the top three will be given the right to participate in the ‘Mizuno Dream Cup’ Japan final competition.

The top two players in the Japanese finals of the ‘Mizuno Dream Cup’ will receive a ticket to the Japan Professional Golf Tour (JGTO) Mizuno Open. 파워볼사이트

The JGTO Mizuno Open also serves as the Open Japan qualifier.

Mizuno Korea not only supports the domestic ‘Mizuno Dream Cup’ competition, but also fully covers the expenses of players participating in the Japanese finals.

Additionally, 100 million won worth of Mizuno golf equipment and clubs will be provided to the used goods league.

In addition, the ‘Youth Dream – Mizuno Dream‘ support program, which provides discounts of up to 70% on Mizuno golf equipment and clubs to all players registered with the used league, will continue.

The ‘Youth Dream – Mizuno Dream’ support program provides benefits of up to 13 million won per year to one player. 슬롯게이밍

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