Pollard Banknote Limited of Manitoba has announced that it will participate in the 11th European Lottery and Trade Fair. With more than 60 lottery partners around the world, the leader in lottery innovation will showcase the latest products and technologies at the event. The trade show will be held from June 4-7, 2023 in Sibenik, Croatia.

It should be mentioned that the company is a proven brand in the lottery industry and is known for its exceptional gaming, retail advantage and digital innovation. This booth will engage participants in lottery solutions designed to attract, engage, and retain participants. These products take the gaming experience to a new level while generating more revenue and funding for good initiatives.

The theme of this year’s congress and trade show is “Looking to the Future – The Lottery of the Future.” So Pollard is ready to showcase the most innovative instant tickets and deliver a thrilling demonstration of the industry’s leading retail offerings in the Schafer Retail Solutions + and Pollard Digital Solutions product portfolio.

This booth features some of the company’s best print features, such as Scratch FX™ and Eco Scratch ReNew™. Fusion™ products with pop-up windows such as Flip Scratch™ and Scratch Tab™ are on display. There are also tickets with enhanced playback value, such as easyPACK™ and Big-Ticket Pop Ups™. This booth highlights the popular licensing brands Tetris® and PAC-MAN™, known for their success in instant ticket sales.

It will also introduce market-leading solutions such as digital menu boards that combine in-store displays with digital technology, and Halo (HALO), which enhances retail dispensers for impulse purchases. The booth is equipped with easyVEND™, a secure ticket vending machine for scratch tickets, and scanACTIV Instants™, which connects retail and digital experiences. These solutions help you increase lottery visibility, expand your retail presence, and gain access to new markets.

At the event, Pollard Digital Solutions presents a way for the lottery to engage players digitally, including apps, websites, and second-chance lottery platforms. They offer omnichannel lottery solutions and showcase modern technologies and services for digital and retail channels. Attendees can play demo games in Pollard Digital Games Studio and explore GeoLocs, a geolocation software development kit for the web, iOS, and Android platforms.

This month, the Manitovan company also released its quarterly report for the end of March 31, 2023. The lottery leader reported C$124.6 million in revenue in the first quarter, 9.4% more than C$113.9 million a year earlier. It also reported total revenue of C$143.1 million, an improvement of 14.3% compared to C$125.2 million in 2022.

In addition to revolutionizing the lottery industry, Pollard banknotes are one of the highest employers in Manitoba.

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