The best team in this season’s regular season is definitely Wonju DB. As if to overshadow what was initially evaluated as a dark horse, the team continued its lead from the beginning of the season, and recently confirmed its No. 1 ranking and declared reconstruction of a prestigious family. It is highly praised for winning the regular season, beating expected favorites such as Suwon KT, Changwon LG, and Seoul SK, starting with Busan KCC, which was called the “best super team ever.”

However, it is not over yet. The playoff and the championship game that marked the end are left. DB, which had cried for the runner-up jinx after winning the last championship, should cheer in the last game to announce the revival of prestigious family. Chances are high. As he displayed stable performance throughout the regular season, he is the strongest candidate for championship in the present time.

DB’s most powerful weapon is the height. As the saying goes, “It is the advent of the Wonju fortress.” The triple post, which includes Kim Jong-gyu (33, 206.3 centimeters), Didrick Lawson (27, 201 centimeters), and Kang Sang-jae (30, 200 centimeters), is by far the strongest in the league. Two-option foreign player Jeff Weedy (34, 213 centimeters) is also gradually adapting to the team, adding to his unique height.

Blockshoot records show why DB’s posts are becoming the object of fear to opposing teams. Two players including Kim Jong-kyu (2nd) and Lawson (5th) are included in the top five block shots, while Withdy is also seventh. Team block shots that outpaced them are also No. 1. Surprisingly, they are not noticeable in rebound, but they are maintaining the top ranks in team score (1st), team assistant (2nd), and team 3-point shooting (2nd).

He is not just displaying good height with tall players at the forefront, but also displaying good team color with good balance. Field commander Ethan Albano (28, 185 centimeters), who is leading the team, is called the best No. 1 player in the league. He is also a strong candidate for MVP in this season’s regular season. He adds stability to his team as he is the type to keep calm and calm without changing his expression for a while. DB’s performance will inevitably show small ups and downs.

As mentioned earlier, if the team can maintain performance in the regular season, DB is highly likely to win. LG and KT are also not easy, but many say they are ahead of each other in terms of the combination of the best five players and the completeness of matchups. SK has shown off its strength in big games such as the playoffs in recent years, but the momentum seems to be not as easy as last season as the aging of Kim Sun-hyung and Oh Se-geun, the core and veteran players of the team, is clear

Perhaps the most difficult opponent will be KCC. Since the team was the strongest candidate and the most important member before the start of the season, it is not special to say that it is a super team that used to make other teams nervous in the playoffs. It is even more strange that they took regular members of the national team, including Song Kyo-chang (28.201.3 cm), Choi Jun-yong (30·200.2 cm), and Lee Seung-hyun (32·197 cm), and failed to make it to the semifinals even with quality players such as Lee Ho-hyun (31·182 cm), Heo Woong (31·185 cm) and Jeong Chang-young (36·193 cm).

KCC is the only opponent that can counteract DB with the height. As mentioned earlier, the height of the big three players in Korea is approaching 2 meters. Although his energy level has dropped compared to the peak days, Ra Gun-ah (35, 200, 0.5 centimeters), who manages his business trip time, is still powerful. Alize Johnson (28, 201 centimeters) is also considered an international athlete with versatile capabilities.

In particular, Song Kyo-chang, Choi Jun-yong, and Johnson’s Big Wing Trio are so unique that I wonder if there has been such a composition in history. There are three swing men who are more than 2m in the team. They are tall, quick, athletic, and have skills. When the three run together in a fast air situation, it is simply untouchable.

Of course, KCC’s performance did not meet expectations. There were many reasons why the strengths overlapped, but the weaknesses also overlapped. The three are sluggish in shooting, especially outside shots, compared to other abilities. The success rate of a three-point shot does not exceed 30%. As a result, the team played a breakthrough-oriented play rather than shooting, and in the process, they overlapped and produced less synergy. In addition, it was possible for the opposing team to concentrate and make choices when defending to some extent.

Of course, blocking players like Song Kyo-chang, Choi Jun-yong and Johnson does not mean blocking them. If they decide to roam around the defense, it is almost impossible to completely control them. Nevertheless, KCC has rarely operated the Big Wing trio as Song Kyo-chang and Choi Jun-yong suffer from big and small injuries.

This is one of the big reasons why the team performed worse than expected. If the three of them can play together for a long time on the court in good health, they can break some parts with their strength. If Heo Woong, Lee Seung-hyun, Lee Ho-hyun and Ra Gun-ah attack the gap in the midst of this, their firepower will double. It is expected that watching where and how many KCC variables will be directed will be another fun to enjoy the playoffs.

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