According to a recent report by an Ontario lottery and gaming company, Canada has found a new lottery millionaire. Last Saturday, The Crown Company confirmed that there was a winner for last Friday’s Lotto Max jackpot. The main prize money reached an impressive 30 million Canadian dollars, and the lucky winner came from Toronto.

Lotto Max is one of the preferred options for lottery fans in Canada, and it is held twice a week. The jackpot for the game can amount to a whopping C$7,000,000, and once it exceeds C$50 million, players also have a chance to win one of the MaxMillion prizes. It’s worth C$1,000,000 each.

Last Saturday, the OLG announced that Friday’s Lotto Max jackpot was claimed, and the winning ticket is in Toronto, Ontario. The lucky holder’s identity is not yet known, but you can contact your agent for up to 52 weeks from the day of the draw on Friday, February 4, 2022 to claim a large windfall before expiration.

The Crown Agency also announced that the second consecutive lottery jackpot was won by a Toronto resident. According to OLG’s report, the winning numbers that brought the player good luck were 05, 15, 19, 22, 37, 46, 47, and bonus 01. Due to safety concerns, the exact point of purchase will not be revealed until the winner claims the payment.

Recently, the British Columbia Lottery announced that a local Kimberly Anhofer won C$1 million in another popular game, Lotto 6/49. According to BCLC, Anhofer’s ticket was chosen as the only winner of the Dec. 1, 2021, lottery to win C$1 million. The winner learned about her win while sitting at Solon and getting her hair done.

Ahn Hofer, who arrived at the BCLC office to receive the prize, explained that he found the prize and got right out of his hair salon chair and left for his hair appointment. The winner said he plans to spend some of the money on electric cars and start a business as well as vacations in the future.

In early February, the BCLC revealed that Michael Redmile won the 6/49 lottery jackpot. The Quesnell resident is another winner of a guaranteed C$1 million prize from a game based on the draw, and his ticket turned out to have won the draw on December 11, 2021. Along with the windfall, he plans to give back to the community.

Ontario also announced the additional 6/49 winners, with one ticket holder in the region accounting for half of its $14.2 million jackpot. It happened in the match on Jan. 29, and the rest of the lucky winners are known to be in Quebec. Both winners will receive a whopping C$7.1 million if they contact their respective Crown Company.

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