The women’s Asian quarter tryout, which will be held for the second time since last season, will be held at Halla Gymnasium and Sun Hotel in Jeju from the 29th to the 1st of next month.

The federation has expanded the Asian quarter target countries from four East Asian countries and six Southeast Asian countries (10 in total) to 64 all members of the Asian Volleyball Federation.

Entry for tryouts was held from February 1st to the 14th of last month, during which various Asian players applied.

Out of a total of 37 new applicants, 30 players who have been evaluated by each club made the list of invited players. A total of 36 players, including six who played in the V-League last season, are waiting for the club’s choice.

Apogit Spiker (right striker) Mega (Indonesia), who led Jeong Kwan-jang’s sensation last season, and outside heater (left striker) Wipawi (Thailand), who contributed to Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s integrated victory, will knock on the V-League door again in the tryout.

The main participants are 196cm tall middle blocker (central striker) camouflage (China), who received high expectations from several clubs in the preference survey.

Women’s players in the Asian quarter receive an annual salary of $120,000 (about 170 million won) in the first season and $150,000 (about 210 million won) in the second year.

In the previous season, the bottom three teams will be assigned 30 beads (7th), 25 beads (6th), and 20 beads (5th) in reverse order. After that, the top four teams that received 20 beads will be selected.

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