Sungkyunkwan University captain Lee Hyun-ho (180 cm, G) said he learns from the play of Heo Hoon and Lee Jae-do.

The 2024 KUSF College Basketball U-League has resumed after a break from midterm exams. Sungkyunkwan University, which has two wins and two losses in the first four games of the league, will host Dongguk University on the 29th to try to win its third win of the season.

“We’ll take the last test tomorrow during the day and then go straight into the game,” said Sungkyunkwan University captain Lee Hyun-ho. “During the test period, we focused on defensive organization, which was lacking in the last game. We also worked on our mental game because we lacked aggressiveness. We also worked on the mental aspect because we were not aggressive enough in general,” he said.

As for the ankle injury he suffered in March, he said, “Three or four weeks ago, I stepped on my foot during team training and my ankle turned slightly. I’m doing a combination of rehab and team training. I don’t feel too bad about it. I’m continuing to improve my physical condition.”

Sungkyunkwan University head coach Kim Sang-jun described Lee Hyun-ho as “aggressive on defense. He’s tough in man-to-man. He has a very good shot, but his body hasn’t recovered from the aftermath of his injury. He will find his pace and play when his body improves.”

“My advantage is that I have more energy than anyone else on the court. I’m confident in my shot, and my one-on-one defense is my strength. I always fight with the determination not to lose,” he said, introducing his strengths.

“I need to improve on my reading. My manager and coach give me advice on whether I should attack or carry the ball, whether I should go fast or slow, etc. I try to listen to them and make good judgment calls,” he said of his improvements.

“He also tells me about the timing of my shots to capitalize on my strengths. He points out when to shoot when the defense is away and how to look at the shot after 먹튀검증 a breakthrough,” he said.

Hyunho also watches and studies a lot of KBL players. “I watch a lot of videos of guard players like Heo Hoon of Suwon KT and Lee Jae-do of Changwon LG. I try to learn how to save my teammates by watching my own offense when playing 2-on-2,” he explained.

At the end of the interview, Lee Hyun-ho revealed his goals and determination. “We’re going to do what we’ve been doing, which is to play a full-court press defense and have a fast offensive tempo. (I think we have good players up front, so we’ll play to our strengths. We still have a lot of games left, so we want to win a lot of games and move up to at least third place. As captain, I’m determined to lead the team well, show my strengths and be an essential player for the team.”

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