Japan’s integrated resort (IR) enforcement law is a key bill for licensing the casino industry and is set to take effect on July 19, the cabinet said on Tuesday.

Based on information collected by GGRAsia’s Japan correspondent, the enforcement regulations of the Japan Casino Regulatory Commission have also been finalized and will take effect on July 19.

Recent comments from the Japanese local government, which is interested in attracting large casinos with facilities for tourism and conferencing known as Integrated Resorts (IR) in Japan, indicate that such facilities are likely to only open as early as 2026.

Japan’s draft casino-related regulations recently went through a public consultation period until May 9.

The regulations are said to include, among other things, the basics of casino operations and supervisory measures.

These include casino licensing procedures and background checks, major shareholder approvals, casino employee identification, accredited casino games and rules, gross game revenue (GGR) calculations, internal controls on casino operations, size and structure of game areas, and technical standards.

Japanese scholar Toru Mihara is one of many experts who recently provided commentary to the GGRA on Japan’s regulatory framework for casinos. He said the purpose of the regulation was to be “strict enough” to ensure the “integrity and safety” of casino operations.

The IR Enforcement Act was promulgated on July 26, 2018, and has a clue that it will be implemented within three years.

According to data collected earlier by GGRAsia’s Japan correspondent, the law stipulated that a basic policy for the development of integrated resorts should be laid out within two years of the legislation’s promulgation. The law also stated that the state should set up a casino management committee within 18 months of the legislation’s promulgation.

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