KIA Tigers coach Lee Bum-ho explained in detail about this season’s best lineup during the opening game of the exhibition game against the NC Dinos. At this point, Na Sung-bum, Hwang Dae-in, and Park Chan-ho are all injured and effectively useless. However, if they return, Lee’s initial plan could be revived at any time.

One of the interesting things is Kim Do-young’s third baseman. At the time, Lee Bum-ho paid attention to Kim Do-young’s ability to execute operations and play fast and far away. He did not want to become a classic table-setter type batter. In the long run, he had to be a troubleshooter who would take responsibility for the centerline, not a table-setter type.

I didn’t think there was any reason to turn Kim Do-young into a shortstop. Park Chan-ho entered his prime as an airlift and deputy shortstop, and he didn’t want to burden Kim Do-young with excessive defense. Third base defense is also tricky, but not as much as shortstop.

Against this backdrop, we were able to get a glimpse of coach Lee Bum-ho’s firm grounding. Park Chan-ho was removed from the main league team ahead of the match against the Samsung Lions in Gwangju on Tuesday due to back pain. Coach Lee added veteran Seo Geon-chang in the first batting order. Then, he deployed Park Min as shortstop. He called up Kim Gyu-seong for Park’s vacancy and even prepared Park Min’s plan B.

The comment is interpreted as a sign that Kim will not be used as a shortstop. He made a name for himself as an amateur top-class shortstop in middle and high school, but he was still an amateur. Kim does not have much experience as a shortstop in the professional league. Although his third base defense is a little unstable at the beginning of this season, considering his age, he is doing well. If he did not come to the pro league, he is a college student.

For KIA, it is also true that it needs to prepare for the successor of Park Chan-ho, who has only two years left until the FA. We have to catch Park Chan-ho no matter what, but we have to prepare for the worst. Park Min and Kim Kyu-sung, as well as Yoon Do-hyun, who is recovering from injuries, can also grow into shortstop. Once Park Chan-ho was out, Park Min got a valuable opportunity.

In fact, batting is more important than defense. Surprisingly, Kim Do-young’s batting performance in the early days of this season is not keeping up with the trend. He had a batting average of 0.192 with one homer, two RBIs and three runs from 52 times at bat in 12 games through Tuesday. He had an OPS of 0.505, and had yet to make even a single hit in the goal tally. Finally, he played as the seventh batter in the game against Samsung on Tuesday.

In reality, Kim does not have time to think about his position at the moment. Anyway, he is now almost guaranteed to run at the third base if he is not sick. Instead, he needs to show consistent progress. It is a kind of homework from the process of overcoming sluggishness in the early days of this season.

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