The Sun, a British media outlet, reported on the 13th (Korea Standard Time) that “Napoli is seeking to recruit Radu Dragushin (22), who is not satisfied with Tottenham’s life.”

Dragushin was evaluated as a defender with high potential for future growth. As a right-footed centerback, explosive speed and excellent ability to control the right hand were considered the biggest advantages.

Tottenham’s high potential was also spotted on the radar. In January, Tottenham successfully acquired Dragushin for a transfer fee of 25 million euros.

It was not a happy companion. Draguzhin only made seven appearances for Tottenham this season. He started only two games. Mickey Van der Pen’s injury was completely filled but not given more time.

Eventually, there were complaints. “If Enze Postecoglou had told me that he was only considering Dragushin as a backup for other players, I wouldn’t have been happy just sitting on the bench,” Dragushin’s agent Florin Manaea said on a recent broadcast.

“If Bayern Munich and Tottenham didn’t want Dragoshin, they would have chosen Napoli. If Antonio Conte was the coach, we would have seriously considered that,” he said, expressing regret over his decision to travel to Tottenham.

Napoli has offered a helping hand. According to the latest report, Napoli is ready to pay 40 million pounds (68.6 billion won) for Dragucin at the summer transfer window.

Napoli is planning a massive reinforcement this summer. As it ranked eighth in Serie A this season, it has strong commitment to recover its reputation next season.

It is not likely that Dragushin will be recruited yet. “Tottenham has no intention of actively selling Dragushin in the transfer market this summer,” the Sun said.

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