These are the words of masters who ask their secret to being good at golf. Many weekend golfers want to hear a higher-level golf philosophy such as simple tips after rounds, but the practice of “listening to the ear” is bound to disappear like the wind. No matter how simple a tip is, unless you practice 肉 on your own, your weaknesses will disappear quickly. Even if you are dragged into the jungle by a master, you will feel as distant as you did after watching a movie.

However, looking at the scenery of the golf driving range, it is hard to sympathize with the saying, “There is no royal road except for practice.” Even though they come to the driving range every day and practice hard, it is not easy to find examples of improvement. Very few find their problems or flaws and learn the right swing through practice, and only about 80 percent of them remain stagnant or worsen chronic diseases.

In my case, I am considered a “practice bug.” Even after learning the beauty of golf, I felt itching to go to the practice ground even for a day. Even on the day of the round, I visited the practice ground near the golf course early on, warmed up, and started the round for more than an hour. I firmly believed that a good score was the result of constant practice. I believed in practice enough to picture rust spreading to my muscles and joints when I took a day off from the practice ground.

The score plummeted as he couldn’t afford to go to the practice ground due to a change in his image. So, what I came up with was ‘the gymnastics of the moon night’. The gymnastics of the moon night is the practice of ‘no ball swing’.

All they need is a pinwheel swing trainer, a screwdriver, an iron, a putter and 10 balls. He went down to a badminton court in a secluded corner of an apartment complex where darkness fell and practiced with a swing trainer against a street lamp. When he turned his back on a street lamp, his swing movement appeared as a shadow, which was very effective as he could see with his own eyes.

At first, he slowly swung to create the correct trajectory and posture, but accelerated the pace of his drive. After doing it about 50 times, it worked out to the point where I felt out of breath and my back was stiff. Swing with a pinwheel with a lot of resistance also helped strengthen the limbs, shoulders and waist. Next, he practiced swing 50 times each with a driver and an iron. Of course, he imagines where the ball is placed and reproduces the textbook swing. Since he does not hit the ball directly, his body does not become rigid, his backswing is less, his downswing is too fast, or his followers are stopped. There is no need to head up, which is a chronic chronic disease of all golfers.

After the swing practice, he will practice putting on artificial turf this time, and he will practice making the distance and direction consistent by setting various distances depending on the number of steps taken. At that time, he practiced with the ball himself. After a week, he was able to putt so delicately that he impressed himself.

The effectiveness of practicing “no-ball swing” was remarkable. For several months, I practiced only no-ball swing without visiting the practice range, but my swing became neat and powerful. Of course, my score has improved. I would not believe it if I had done so just once, but after performing the exercise at night, I saw my score improve by steadily maintaining my 70s.

No-ball swing practice under streetlights is an exquisite practice that can eliminate the phenomenon of strength, tension, and rigidity when standing in front of a ball. It has also shown excellent effect in eliminating unnecessary unnecessary scraps and building textbook swing. It has shown that it is much more effective than hitting hundreds of balls every day when visiting the practice range.

I heard in person another example of the power of “no ball swing” practice. K, who is in his early 40s and just over four years old, visited a golf driving range to correct his collapsed swing and was introduced to the coach who said he was the most capable. After seeing the man swing, the lesson pro asked, “I will make a swing completely new in just one month. Would you do as I am told?” K said, “I would not endure that much for another month?” and accepted. The lesson pro only has two orders. Never go to the field for a month, and practice only empty swings without hitting the ball for a month.

The man was full of energy, but he promised to create a new swing a month later, and faithfully followed the instructions of the lesson program. As the lesson program taught him, he practiced using empty swing as a way to make head speed around a swing trajectory, how to move weight, not sway, not move up and down, and how not to do head-up. He felt like a chimney, but he held it in.

Just over a month later, a lesson pro brought me a box of balls and told me to hit him on the cheek as I had been doing. But what a dream it is! A miracle happened. The ball flew high and straight. That was always the same. Later, he opened up a world of golf in front of him.

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