Three Shenectady women decided earlier this year to bring their local casino property to court for assault charges. Tachilin Gibson and her twin daughters, Tajnae and Tahiana Gibson, claim to have been verbally and physically abused by several security personnel at Rivers Casino & Resort Shenectady. The three are currently seeking financial compensation for the damage.

A court filing filed Monday, July 25, 2022, by Shenectadi lawyer Daniel Smalls states that the incident occurred at a casino on May 22, 2022. Capital Region Gaming LLC will represent five commercial casinos and security officers who have been identified as defendants in the trial and whose names have not been identified.

The legal filings filed include allegations and allegations that five uniformed guards inflicted verbal and physical abuse on Ms. Gibson and her two daughters. The guards committed assault and beatings, which reportedly caused serious personal and serious physical injuries to three people. The document also states that security guards intentionally touched women in a hostile and aggressive manner.

Court documents continue to state that the actions of the five officers were intentional, unjust and free of provocation. Their actions were deliberately and recklessly extreme, shocking, outrageous, and ignoring women’s safety. The casino was accused of neglecting its duty to protect three customers and of not properly training and supervising its employees.

Mr. Smalls shared some details of the case at the Shenectady County Supreme Court on Monday. The lawyer explained that the women were enjoying dinner at the casino and later went home to get more money. Upon returning, one of the guards recognized them and waved to his driveway. But the daughters preferred to stay at other checkpoints with their mothers.

In his words, there’s a cell phone video of the incident, and you can see the security guard getting annoyed. He then had an argument with the second security guard and came over and pushed his daughter to the ground. The mother who tried to interrupt was also thrown on the floor. The lawyer said he suffered wounds and abrasions, but the damage was mostly mental.

Rivers Casino & Resort Shenectady is generally not known to be embroiled in controversy, instead of being recognized for its social responsibility. In June, Premium Game Amenities offered locals the opportunity to join the Dealer Academy and find a job in gambling. The property said it expects to hire about 20 new dealers.

In February, Rush Street Rush Street Interactive Casino celebrated its fifth anniversary in northern New York. The building opened on February 8, 2017, and to commemorate the event, the venue introduced a $5 food and drink special as well as card prizes for loyal customers.

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