Participants of the 2024 U.N. Korean War Peace Camp and officials of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs pose during the opening ceremony of the event in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, Tuesday. Courtesy of Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs

Descendants of United Nations Forces veterans who fought in the Korean War are spending a week in South Korea to commemorate and honor the veterans’ commitment to safeguarding democracy, the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs said Wednesday.

According to the ministry, a total 148 of university students and descendants of Korean War veterans from 19 countries who fought in the 1950-53 war participated in the 2024 U.N. Korean War Peace Camp hosted by the ministry from Monday to Sunday.

The ministry has been holding the event annually since 2009, except for the pandemic-hit 2020, to pass on the bonds formed with the countries that participated in the Korean War to future generations so that South Korea’s coalition for freedom with those countries can remain steadfast.

The event started its official program with opening ceremony on Tuesday, which featured a conference on globalization and the importance of exchanges.

On Wednesday, the participants visited the Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas, Dora Observatory and Imjingak Pavilion in Paju, 안전 Gyeonggi Province, to reflect on the importance of freedom and peace. They also visited the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul and paid respects to the fallen soldiers from countries that participated in the war.

The participants will ride bicycles for 6.25 kilometers along the Han River on Thursday to commemorate the Korean War, which broke out on June 25, and recall the historical significance of the area, which was a fierce battleground during the war.

At the turnaround point at Yanghwa Children’s Park, they will plant 625 kerria to create a “Forest of Remembrance.” Kerria’s language of flower is elegance, and the ministry said planting it symbolizes the elegant spirit of U.N. Forces veterans. A commemorative sculpture representing unity and solidarity will also be unveiled during the event.

Participants will visit Busan on Friday to pay respects at the U.N. Memorial Cemetery in Korea and tour the U.N. Peace Memorial Hall. The camp will wrap up on Saturday, and they will exchange ideas on the best ways to commemorate the Korean War and veterans.

“The camp is a project aimed at passing down the bonds formed through the valiant efforts and noble sacrifices of the Korean War heroes to future generations,” Patriots and Veterans Affairs Minister Kang Jung-ai said.

“The ministry will continue to strengthen exchange activities to ensure that the history of U.N. Forces’ participation in the defense of freedom and democracy will never be forgotten and will be upheld by the descendants of both South Korea and the U.N. member nations.”

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