Girls' Generation's Taeyeon returns with new single 'Heaven.' Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Taeyeon, a solo artist and member of the iconic group Girls’ Generation, is set to showcase her mysterious charm with her new single “Heaven.”

The track, set to be released on Monday, is a dance-pop song with a dreamy synth sound, smooth vocals and rhythmic guitar.

Taeyeon has been releasing teaser images on her official social media since Monday, presenting striking visuals that contrast with the song’s title.

In addition, a clip featuring a bear character named Gombuni adds a grotesque and fantasy horror vibe.

Taeyeon’s new single “Heaven” will be available on various music sites on Monday at 6 p.m.

Given Taeyeon’s previous summer 토토 hits like “Starlight,” “Why” and “Weekend,” there’s growing anticipation regarding the charm she will bring to the track “Heaven.”

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