SoftSwiss Jackpot Aggregator, a solution to increase player participation in online casinos, announced second-quarter 2023 results. The jackpot bet, up 41% from the previous quarter, appears to be one of the highlights of the results.

The total amount of money bets made on jackpot in the jackpot game shows the scale of operations of jackpot aggregators and the high level of player engagement and loyalty generated by online casinos.

Softswiss Jackpot Aggregator facilitated jackpot bets totaling 1.36 billion euros ($1.49 billion) in the second quarter of 2023, a significant increase from the previous quarter. The product team also notes that since Q1 2023, the number of companies that have chosen Softswiss’s jackpot solution has increased by 36%.

In addition, Jackpot aggregators have already benefited more than 55 companies and the number of customers and brands is still growing rapidly.

Aliaksei Douhin, head of Softswiss Jackpot Aggregator, said. “The second quarter of 2023 was a successful period for Jackpot aggregators. This proves that both the jackpot betting totals and the number of customers and brands have increased significantly.

“The Jackpack Aggregator is experiencing brisk growth and we continue to innovate our solutions. Recently, we introduced time-based jackpot and baby jackpot.

“Also, we are currently in the final stages of integrating with Softswiss Game Aggregator and introducing new features.” Cobra Casino and SoftSwiss Jackpot Aggregator recently signed an agreement to introduce the Cobra Jackpot campaign.

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