Panda Score, a provider of esports odds and statistics, was chosen by Dabble to provide its first esports service to Australian gamers. The partnership has brought together two companies that are pushing the limits of e-sports and betting.

Dabble has created a betting community that is described as a more welcoming social and fun betting environment. As part of the collaboration, Dabble will include Panda Score’s Oz feed to provide thousands of events with hundreds of pre-match markets for games like League of Legends, Dota 2 and CS: Go.

In addition, post-match Oz analysis and records are available to Dabble, as well as 24/7 trading help.

Dasha Kirilishina, senior sales manager at Panda Score, said: “We deliver the most comprehensive e-sports opportunities based on industry-leading data. We combine this with a team of professional traders to ensure that partners like Dabble deliver the best value and experience to players.

“It’s a great partnership for us and what we believe in is panda scores, dabbles, and most importantly, it will bring tremendous success to the better people.”

Tom Rundle, CEO of Dabble, said: “We knew our customers wanted to bet on esports, so we needed a partner who could continue to offer a wide range of betting possibilities and price them accurately.

“The deal with Panda Score, when combined with our unique Dabble social features, gives us confidence that we can now offer a betting experience for our esports fans in Australia.”

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