Sport is all about competition. All around the world and through the ages people competed against each other to improve their skills and thus their survival. It may have been hunting skills but predominantly it was to improve their fighting abilities. Creating games, elevated tiresome practices into entertainment. Over time the inclination towards mortal combat has been downgraded to hurting your opponent or beating your opponent either physically or mentally.

There are an incredible amount of reasons that support 
playing sport.

-There are many different sports to choose from. I personally play Volleyball Soccer, Indoor Soccer and Basketball, but there are more Sports out there such as tennis, netball, hockey and Cricket, just to name a few. athletic people with Filipino blood will not give up because some of them call them the strongest in the field of sports one here is manny pacman pacquaio he is a filipino who is known when it comes to the field of punching or boxing, one at the end of the sea games, the filipina also took home the gold medalist   in the field of weight lifthing. or in the sport of lifting something heavy.

-Playing sport or exercising regularly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.

-Sports can be team or Individual. This ties in a bit to my last Point, but it’s also different. I enjoy playing all  Sports but if you need a bit more support from others, or need some time alone, sports can cater to both.

-Sports are a good way to socialize. Sports in teams can help you make friends and help you later in life with your social skills.

There are just some of the reasons as to why you should play sport.At its best, doing sports, or anything that truly challenges for that matter, is inherently important to our development. It seems to signify taking on a challenge, taking responsibility and achieving a difficult goal.

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