In countries along the Mediterranean coast and in South America, nap times called “siestas” have helped workers, especially those working outdoors, take a break and recover from fatigue.

With the recent record-breaking temperatures, the German Association of Health Center Doctors has called for the introduction of siestas.

They say that a short break in the heat can increase work efficiency and, most importantly, reduce health risks for workers.

[Dr. Nissen/President of the Association of Public Health Doctors: “We’re not suggesting that you take a nap for hours on end, because lunchtime is the hottest time and the heat can take its toll on the human body.”]

Trade unions, as well as welcoming economic experts, have called for more flexible working arrangements for companies in response to climate change.

However, workers in countries where siestas are allowed, such as Spain, 카지노사이트킴 have recently tended to use them less and less, suggesting that careful consideration is needed.

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