SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – The men’s 400-meter medley relay team, with Hwang Sun-woo (20-Gangwon Provincial Office) as the final swimmer, set a new South Korean record.The Korean men’s team of Lee Ju-ho (28-Seogwipo City Hall), Choi Dong-yeol (24-Gangwon Provincial Office), Kim Young-beom (17-Gangwon Chego) and Hwang Sun-woo (freestyle) finished the 400-meter medley relay in 3 minutes, 34.25 seconds during the qualifying round of the 2023 World Aquatics hampionships at Fukuoka Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall in 카지노사이트킹 Fukuoka, Japan, on Tuesday.The time was 0.71 seconds better than the Korean record of 3:34.96 set by Kim Woo-min, Choi Dong-yeol, Yang Jae-hoon and Hwang Sun-woo at the Hallabae in April.The 10th-place finish out of 22 teams did not punch the ticket for the eighth-place finish, but it was an improvement over previous World Championships, including 17th in Gwangju in 2019 and 13th in Budapest in 2022.The gap between Great Britain (3:33.27) and South Korea in the final was 0.98 seconds.In the women’s medley relay 400 meters, Lee Eun-ji (17-Bangsangpo), Kwon Se-hyun (23-Anyang City Hall), Kim Seo-young (29-Gyeongbuk Provincial Office) and Heo Yeon-kyung (17-Bangsangpo) took turns to finish 18th out of 23 teams in 4:05.16.The women’s 400-meter medley relay preliminaries concluded Korea’s schedule at the Fukuoka World Championships.At the event, Korea set eight new national records in seven events.In individual events, Hwang Sun-woo (1:44.42) won the men’s 200-meter freestyle, Kim Woo-min (7:47.69) won the 800-meter freestyle, and Choi Dong-yeol (59.59) won the 100-meter breaststroke.More Korean records were set in the medley relay, a team event.Hwang Sun-woo, Kim Woo-min, Yang Jae-hoon and Lee Ho-joon broke the Korean record in the men’s 800-meter freestyle relay in both the preliminaries (7:06.82) and final (7:04.07).Ji Yoo-chan, Yang Jae-hoon, Heo Yeon-kyung and Jung So-eun set a new Korean record in the 400-meter medley relay (3:27.99) and Lee Eun-ji, Choi Dong-yeol, Kim Young-beom and Heo Yeon-kyung set a new Korean record in the 400-meter medley relay (3:47.09) on the final day.

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