New York’s gambling industry has been growing over the past two years, and the New York Responsible Play Partnership is working to protect local gamblers. 우리카지노탑 This week, officials from the three-way group held a press conference at the Rivers Casino & Resort Shenectady in northern New York to prevent problematic gambling.

The New York Responsible Play Partnership is a three – party organization that includes the New York State Gaming Board, the State Addiction Services Support Agency, and the New York Problem Gambling Commission. Founded 10 years ago, the goal is to hold quarterly meetings, talk about policy issues, and develop responsible gambling practices.

At Monday’s meeting, NYSGC Managing Director Robert Williams outlined some of the achievements of partnerships that have addressed problem gambling over the past few years. He cited the QR code as an example, which was the country’s first lottery QR code that would give direct access to problem gambling experts if scanned.

He added that he held a problem gambling event in May because the organization wanted to pay due attention to the issue for 12 months of the year. In addition, Mr. Williams explained to them that most gamblers bet in a responsible way, and that it was just a game. But this doesn’t apply to everyone because some people consider it more than a game.

In early 2023, on the anniversary of the state’s mobile sports betting market, Gov. Kathy Hochul reported that the sector made more than $700 million in revenue and more than $16 billion in bets. Approximately $6 million of tax revenue was spent on problem gambling education and treatment.

The press conference also saw officials speak about the state’s voluntary self-exclusion program, which allows them to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling for a period of time, as the name suggests. After registration, you will not be able to participate in betting on horse racing, off-track betting, video games and commercial game venues, and digital fantasy sports.

Amy McBride, deputy director of prevention at the State Gambling Council, said the VSE program allows locals to fill out forms at home and notarize documents digitally. She explained that people who suffer from problem gambling often have shame and guilt, so they should be removed so that people can get the help they need.

In March, New York’s Problem Gambling Resource Center said it would investigate the impact of mobile sports betting on locals. According to the Western New York Center for Problem Gambling Resources, New Yorkers invested about $16.3 billion in their first year, doubling last year, which is unprecedented in the state.

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