NC lost the match against Incheon SSG the previous day and moved to Changwon. He is currently in fourth place with 52 wins, 2 draws and 49 losses. 스포츠토토핫 It is being chased by fifth-place Doosan by 0.5 games.

NC’s Son Ah-seop nominated hitter, Park Min-woo second baseman, Park Gun-woo right fielder, Martin center fielder, Kwon Hee-dong left fielder, Do Tae-hoon first baseman, Seo Ho-chul third baseman, Kim Joo-won shortstop, and Ahn Jung-yeol catcher will start the lineup.

Catcher Kim Hyung-joon, who played his first game of the season against SSG the previous day and hit consecutive at-bats home runs, is on the bench. Kim Hyung-joon was on the operating table after suffering a knee injury ahead of his military discharge last fall. After rehabilitation, he played in the Futures League and was first registered in the first division entry on the 23rd.

Kim Hyung-joon played as a substitute in the first inning against Incheon SSG on the 24th and recorded two hits and two home runs in three at-bats. He hit a left-handed solo home run against McCarty in the top of the fifth inning, trailing 2-7, and again pushed right-center against McCarty in the eighth inning to hit consecutive at-bats home runs. Kim Hyung-joon, who played in the first division game in 1027 days since October 31, 2020, made an impressive performance in his return match.

NC manager Kang In-kwon said about Kim Hyung-joon’s replacement in the first inning of the previous day ahead of the match against LG in Changwon on the 25th, “Starting Lee Jae-hak and Ahn Jung-yeol did not work together much. Kim Hyung-joon frequently played with Lee Jae-hak in the second division and made him play as a substitute at a short time, he said. There is no doubt about Kim Hyung-joon’s ability. I was late because of an injury, but I recovered and now I can show you my own, he said.

The starting pitcher of the day was Pedi. Kim Hyung-joon has never made a battery, so Ahn Jung-yeol will start. Pedi is the best pitcher in the league this season. He is 15-5 with a 2.01 ERA in 21 games. After maintaining a one-point ERA, his pace has slowed a little as he has become a losing pitcher for the past two consecutive games.

Coach Kang In-kwon said, Peddy has one win and three losses 3.27 ERA this month. It’s not that Pedi didn’t do well, but because the batters were silent on the day he took the mound, he said. Pedi pitched two games against LG with one win, no loss, and a 2.70 ERA 10 innings, 3 earned runs.

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