In August, Capital City Casino asked the Alberta Game, Liquor and Cannabis Commission to move the Camrose property south of Edmonton. But last month, the Crown Agency rejected the proposal. And now the owner, Stage West Hospitality, is expected to challenge the decision and will begin a formal appeal.

The owner of the game facility hopes to relocate the Camrose Resort casino to an open space near Parsons Road in South East Edmonton. However, the 60,000-square-foot casino relocation proposal has not been well received by the people of Edmonton, as it does by generating more traffic. 릴게임사이트 And in November 2022, AGLC officially rejected the previous application.

This week, Stage West Hospitality Chairman Jason Petchett explained that every city in the state except Edmonton has at least one casino licensed by a rural charity to run a gambling fundraiser. But between 600 and 650 charities reportedly run casino events in Camrose, which is the state’s least profitable.

Mr Petchett said AGLC operates the Camrose area in collaboration with the St Albert area to cope with poor returns. It is the next region with the lowest return among the nine regions. According to him, relocating to Edmonton would balance the profits rural charities get from charity games compared to urban charities.

He also explained that Camrose Resort Casino has lost revenue due to unprecedented conditions and may not be operational in the long run. He explained that if the property does not move, all rural charities that rely on it will be redistributed across Edmonton’s casinos, which will increase waiting times and reduce profits in Edmonton.

Member for Kerendan, who represents the ward where the request was received, said that the casino would be relocated. She said she shares concerns about the AGLC engagement process, potential traffic growth and lack of infrastructure to support new drivers. She also advised community members to contact AGLC directly if they wanted to submit feedback. There is currently no date for appeal.

AGLC decided to prevent the transfer on November 10 and informed individuals, organizations and communities that gave feedback. AGLC spokesman Lynden McBeth explained that the Crown Agency could not approve the proposal because it lacked community support and did not provide significant economic benefits to the South Edmonton area.

AGLC’s psychological decision recently confirmed that casino closures from 2020 to 2021 had a major impact on Edmonton charities. In addition, AGLC and the General Revenue Fund cost about C$3.8 million to C$4.5 million. This prompted Crown to introduce new licensing conditions requiring companies to operate slot games and table games seven days a week.

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