The Hangzhou Asian Games, in which Taegeuk warriors cheered on the golden news delivered day after day, has ended.

I would like to say that our players have worked hard and I am grateful, but despite the players’ good performance, the public’s view of military service benefits is not positive.

Are you pointing out that a new discussion is needed regarding military service special treatment, that is, military service special treatment given to Asian Games gold medals or Olympic medals?

That’s right. There is a conflict between those who say compensation for contribution is natural and skepticism about how long the military service exemption incentive introduced during the developing world should be maintained. 

Military service preferences were originally introduced in 1973 to motivate the sports and arts community to “promote Korea’s national prestige by promoting it to the international community.”  카지노사이트

When the system was created, there were only 16 Asian Games gold medals in 1974, but the status has changed to the extent that there were 42 gold medals in this year’s Asian Games and up to 96 in 2002.

It’s good that our country won a lot of gold medals, but there is controversy over military service.

So how much military service benefit will they receive this time?

Most players on the soccer and baseball teams that won the Hangzhou Asian Games will receive special military service benefits. 

In the case of the national soccer team, 20 of the 22 players, excluding two, were listed as eligible for special military service, and the baseball team had 19 members listed as eligible for military service exemption.

But in particular, there is a lot of controversy over players who have not played a single game receiving special military service benefits through ‘free riding,’ right?

In the past, there was a player who was suspected of hiding an injury and barely playing in the game, only getting an exemption from military service.

This time, Kwak Bin, a pitcher for the national baseball team, became a beneficiary of military service exemption without throwing a single ball, saying, “I have a problem with my back.” 

Ahead of the Asian Games, a relay post was posted saying ‘I wish for a silver medal’ for the baseball team.

Also, there are some who point out that unlike the Olympics, the Asian Games are no longer a competition where it is difficult to win a gold medal depending on the event, right?

Yes, baseball is a representative example, but since most participating countries except Korea have amateur players, the Asian Games are known as a ‘legal military service broker’ in Korea, where professional players who have not been able to fulfill their military service come forward. 

Starting with the Asian Games, golf rules were changed to allow professional players to participate, and Lim Seong-jae and Kim Si-woo, who are active on the PGA Tour, came out and won gold medals in the men’s team event as expected, so they achieved what they hoped for. .

But the number of events in the Asian Games is gradually expanding. Does that mean the number of exemptions is also increasing?

This time, in addition to controversial e-sports, baduk, breaking dance, card games (bridge), chess, etc.

were also included, raising controversies such as “Are these really sports?” and “The Asian Games are no longer an athletic event.”

This is the situation. If promoting national prestige is the standard, questions are constantly being raised as to whether BTS does not qualify for special military service exemptions.

Ultimately, I think it is an issue of fairness, and as quite a bit of time has passed since the Special Military Service Act was enacted, it seems necessary to revise it to suit the current situation.

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