Choi Sol-gyu and Kim Won-ho

Attack against India’s Satwik Seraj Lankyreddy-Chirag Shetty during their badminton men’s doubles final match at

the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at Binjiang Gymnasium on Sunday in Hangzhou, China.

Choi Sol-gyu (Yonex) and Kim Won-ho (Samsung Life Insurance) have won a valuable silver medal in the men’s

badminton doubles at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

The world No. 15 doubles team, Choi Sol-gyu-Kim Won-ho, faced the world No. 3 pair of Lankyreddy-Shetty (India)

in the final on Sunday at Binjiang Gymnasium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, but lost the match 0-2 (18-21 16-21).

Choi Sol-gyu-Kim Won-ho,

Who reached the final of the event for the first time in nine years after Lee Yong-dae-Yong-sung at Incheon 2014,

fell short in their bid for gold in the men’s doubles for the first time in 21 years after Lee Dong-soo-Yong-sung at Busan 2002.

The pair, who had previously won bronze in the men’s team event, finished the tournament with one silver and one bronze medal.

Notably, Kim Won-ho, the son of women’s badminton legend Gil Young-ah (1994 Hiroshima women’s team gold

medalist) 카지노사이트랭크 and Samsung Life Insurance CEO Kim Won-ho, who had hoped to follow in his family’s

footsteps and win an Asian Games gold medal, had to wait until next year.

Based on the rankings, it was going to be a tough match. The Indian players were taller than ours, and their strength was in their downward attacks.

Given the height of their opponents, Korea opted to keep the ball as close to the net as possible instead of playing

it loose. Early on, this strategy worked and they took the lead midway through the first game.

However, they conceded three points at 18-18 and lost the first game.

Choi Sol-gyu and Kim Won-ho tried to turn things around in game two, but their precise shots were not coming from the beginning of the first set.

Losing the mid-ball battle in front of the net, the Koreans finished the first half trailing 7-11 and were unable to make up for it. 고스톱

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