Canadian lotteries recently notified that the winner of this Tuesday’s Lotto Max raffle has been awarded a multi-million dollar prize of C$50 million. However, players should not be discouraged as soon as they are challenged with the huge prize money once again. 우리카지노탑 But this time, it will grow to a much more attractive 55 million Canadian dollars in the next draw.

Lotto Max is a nationwide lottery game that brings hundreds of millions of dollars in cash prize money to players across Canada every year. It has an amazing maximum winnings of 70 million Canadian dollars, and once the main prize money exceeds 50 million Canadian dollars, it will receive several Max Million prizes. Each week lottery players have two chances to grab some of its windfall because there are two draws.

LottoMax held a weekly draw on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, but unfortunately, all participants did not have a grand prize CA$5,000,000, which would increase to CA$5,500,000 for the next draw. The next round of fans’ favorite games will continue to be available for tickets on Friday, May 13, 2022.

In addition to the CA$50 million prize money, two Maxmillions are at stake in Tuesday’s draw. But none of the ticket holders from this country won. Neither CA$1 million prize money has been charged, so it will be moved to Friday’s round. In other words, there will be four prizes that can be won.

In recent weeks, Canadians have received significant prize money from Lotto Max. For example, the Western Canadian Lottery Company said a resident of Saskatchewan received CA$70 million from the lottery on April 1, 2022. The winner’s name is Dale Mcwen, who won a winning ticket in Alberta while heading to B.C. for a ski trip.

Earlier this year, Patrick Hale, 56, joined the Canadian Lotto Millionaires Club, winning $30 million worth of CA from Lotto Max. His ticket was drawn as winning the draw on February 4, 2022. He got up at six o’clock in the morning and began checking his tickets, before finding out the main dividend, which eventually matched the winning combination.

However, as the Ontario Lottery and Game Company announced this week, a man from Napanee announced that he was 500,000 Canadian dollars richer because he participated in the Lotto Max round. The lucky winner’s name is James “Vince” Prout, who has been playing since 1976, and finally made a fortune this year.

His Lotto Max tickets were randomly drawn as one of the winners of the CA$Max million prize money in the lottery on April 1, 2022. After receiving the check from the OLG office, the retiree said he plans to use some of the money for home repairs and investments for his children and grandchildren. His life-changing ticket was purchased at Munroe’s General Store in County 2 in Japan.

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