“It’s ball control, it’s nabal, let’s play defense first”.

Vietnam’s ‘Saostar’ said on the 14th (KST), “Vietnam is weaker under Philippe Trousier. It is completely different from the Vietnam under Park Hang-seo.”

“Especially when it comes to defense, there is definitely a big difference,” he said.

The national team, coached by Jürgen Klinsmann, defeated Tunisia 4-0 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Sept. 13.

South Korea will face Vietnam, ranked 95th in the FIFA rankings, on Sunday at the Suwon World Cup Stadium.

After winning their first two games in a row under Klinsmann, South Korea’s next opponent will be Vietnam, ranked 95th in the FIFA rankings.

The Vietnamese are a far lesser opponent for South Korea as they look to win the Asian Cup.

Vietnam lost 0-2 to the Chinese national team in an exhibition match in Dalian, China, on Oct. 10.

Vietnam also fell 0-2 to Uzbekistan in the same venue on Nov. 13. China is ranked 80th in the FIFA rankings, while Uzbekistan is 75th.

The Korean Football Association did not invite Vietnam to the match.

“Vietnam contacted us first,” said an official from the association, “and the airfare, accommodation, and other expenses were all covered by Vietnam.

The effectiveness of the Vietnam War is further questioned when listening to the interview with Trousier.

After the 0-2 loss to Uzbekistan on the 13th, Trousier said, “It’s not surprising that we lost to Uzbekistan.

We had only 30 percent possession, and when we did have the ball, it was quickly taken away by mistakes.”

Vietnam stepped down as coach in January 2023, replacing Park Hang-seo with Trousier, who previously coached the Japanese national team.

Like Park, he has full control over Vietnam’s soccer, managing both the U-23 and adult national teams.

However, Trucier’s arrival has halted Vietnam’s rise to prominence. 먹튀검증

They won 1-0 against Syria and Hong Kong, 1-0 against Syria, and 2-0 against Palestine, only to crumble as soon as they faced the big boys.

In October’s A matches, Vietnam lost 0-2 to China and 0-2 to Uzbekistan, both of which were against superior opponents.

They were particularly overwhelmed against the Uzbeks, who had a high level of individual skill. With less than 30% possession and not a single shot on target, Vietnam was literally shut out.

Vietnam will next face South Korea at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on May 17.

Vietnamese soccer fans are also upset about the change from Park Hang-seo’s era.

“When you lose, you say you’ve learned a lesson, but when you win, you say you’ve gained a fruit,” sighed one Vietnamese fan in response to Trucier’s comment that the loss to Uzbekistan was a “process of development.

“Vietnam was definitely strong under Park Hang Seo, but it’s different now, especially the defense,” said Saosta. Since Trucier’s arrival, there hasn’t been a stable defense in any of the games,” he said, adding, “We are especially vulnerable to aerial balls compared to Park Hang Seo.”

The outlet said, “Trucier knows that defense takes a backseat to getting the ball and attacking.

But when the enemy

any team playing modern soccer, defense is a priority.”

“Defense is important for any team. You have to play practical soccer according to the situation.”

“If we struggled against Uzbekistan, I’m more curious about how we’ll cope against Korea.

It will be harder to hold the ball against Korea in the first place.

As for the aerial ball problem, Vietnam will struggle even more, and I expect a big defeat at this rate.”

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