An Chi-hong signed a six-year FA contract with the Hanwha Eagles on the condition of a total of 7.2 billion won. According to an official familiar with the transfer market, An Chi-hong is reportedly set to sign a free agent contract with Hanwha on the 20th on the condition of more than 7 billion won including options. 스포츠토토핫

After the MK Sports report, Hanwha announced, We signed a contract with FA infielder An Chi-hong for a total of 7.2 billion won for 4+2 years. Hanwha and An Chi-hong will carry out a total of 5.5 billion won in contracts, including a four-year guarantee of 4.7 billion won and an option of 800 million won. In addition, mutual options that give both the club and players a choice will be activated for the next two-year contract, and a total of 1.7 billion won, including 1.3 billion won guaranteed for two years and 400 million won in options, will be executed when the contract is extended.

As a result, An Chi-hong will leave Lotte and move to the third professional team as he signed his second FA contract with Hanwha.

The second contract in the FA transfer market was led by Hanwha, which has been reborn as the center of the stove league. Hanwha contacted An Chi-hong immediately after the FA transfer market opened on the 19th, offering an exceptional level of contract, and drew a contract agreement.

Ahn Chi-hong, who graduated from Seoul High School and joined the professional league as the No. 1 player in the second round of KIA in 2009, is considered an infielder who combines offense and defense. He is a slugger with a batting average of 0.297/140 home runs/1687 hits/833 runs/843 RBIs/on-base plus 0.437/OPS 0.800 in 15 professional seasons.

In particular, An Chi-hong performed consistently every year, recording more than double-digit hits in virtually every season he played in the professional league except for his debut season and his mandatory military service. This season, he hit .292/8 home runs/57 runs/63 RBIs/124 hits in 121 games for Lotte.

For Hanwha, Jung Eun-won, who used to be a second baseman resource, is also currently working as an outfield defense in the closing camp. With An Chi-hong, who can play both second and first base, joining, Moon Hyun-bin, who is considered the next main second baseman, will be able to grow stably.

Hanwha, which recruited Chae Eun-sung as an FA last year, seems to be actively trying to strengthen its offense by bringing An Chi-hong this season. Hanwha, which previously offered a contract with Jeon Joon-woo, who signed a four-year, 4.7 billion won contract with Lotte, quickly concluded the contract with An Chi-hong. In addition, Hanwha is known to be negotiating with other big-name infielders on the FA market.

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