Lee Jung-hoo, who will challenge the major league stage through the posting system closed competitive bidding this winter, is already drawing attention from local media as one of the biggest players in the Stove League outfield. The key is which team will go under what conditions, and Lee Jung-hoo’s entry into MLB itself is definitive. 토토사이트링크

Kim Ha-sung gave realistic advice to Lee Jung-hoo, who is about to challenge the U.S. stage, and Ko Woo-seok 25, LG Twins, who was asked to check his identity together by the MLB Secretariat. At an official press conference held at Hotel Rivera Cheongdam in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 20th, Kim Ha-sung said, Jung Hoo and Woo Seok are so good players in Korea, so if they challenge for MLB, they will be models for other players. However, I know that both of them are not good at English. I want to tell you to study now, he stressed.

Kim Ha-sung candidly said that he was not fluent in English yet. He added that he is still struggling because he could not study English because he never thought he would go to the Major League when he was younger. We are from Korea are strangers, he said. It can be recognized depending on how you act. I have to approach him first, he said. Regarding Lee Jung-hoo, who is about to sign a contract, he gave more skin-friendly advice.

Kim Ha-sung said he did not need the “minor league veto” he put in the contract at the time of the contract. Kim Ha-sung said, “I advised Jung-hoo a lot about this. I didn’t go down to the minor leagues even though I didn’t do well in the first year. “It’s because it’s not easy to get off to the minor leagues if you get a certain salary,” he explained.

Even in 2020, when Kim Ha-sung entered the U.S. Major League, there was a Korean player suffering from eating the so-called tearful bread of the minor league. Kim Ha-sung, who said he thought, If I go down to the minor league, I’ll be in big trouble, watching them, said, I was also obsessed with the right to reject the minor league when I signed the contract, but it’s meaningless in the end. Jung Hoo also said, I think it’s better to put an ‘opt-out’ because I won’t get less money if I enter the U.S.

Opt-out refers to a system in which players reacquire pre-agent qualifications early without completing the contract period when certain conditions are met. The advice is to adapt quickly on the U.S. stage and acquire FA qualifications at an earlier time, rather than losing other contract terms to put in the minor league veto. Kim Hye-sung 25, Kium was named as the successor of the MLB infielder from KBO to succeed him.

Kim Ha-sung said, I watched the Asian Professional Baseball Championship and thought it was different from the player of the same age. If Hyesung grows up, I think he will become a better player than me. He said, I’m so sincere and passionate. Hyesung also calls me often. I think it means thinking about entering the U.S. I know that I will be eligible for posting after next season, but I want to see him play in the U.S., he said.

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