The women’s national soccer team of China, the host country, is the identity of the team that scored one goal every six minutes. Considering the weight difference with the opposing team, it is not strange that a great victory came out. 메이저사이트 China won 16-0 in the first Group A match of the Hangzhou Asian Games against Mongolia at 8:30 p.m. on the 22nd.

China, which quickly took the lead with Wang Shuang’s early first goal 87 seconds into the game, destroyed Mongolia’s mental state based on its overwhelming performance with a market share of 80-20. China, which scored eight goals in the first half alone, scored eight goals “brutally” in the second half in front of 6,910 spectators shouting “Cheers” (Fighting. A total of eight people scored, including starters and replacements.

Striker Wang Shuang quickly became the top scorer in women’s soccer. Although the organization committee did not provide an accurate record sheet, Mongolia reportedly failed to record a single shot on the day. 16-0 is a score that often comes from other ball games, but it often occurs in women’s soccer, where the difference in skills between teams is severe.

At the same time, the South Korean women’s national team, led by head coach Colin Bell, got off to a good start with a 3-0 victory with Lee Eun-young, Ji So-yeon, and Jeon Eun-ha’s consecutive goals in the first Group E match against Myanmar in Yuzhou. Japan, one of the leading contenders for the championship, defeated Bangladesh 8-0 on the 22nd.

As of the morning of the 23rd, Korea has the most goal difference and the most points in a single men’s soccer game. The national team, led by head coach Hwang Sun-hong, won a whopping 9-0 in the first Group E match against Kuwait on the 19th.

He tied up a 4-0 victory over Thailand in the second round to confirm the first place in the group, and won the round of 16 as a bonus. The full-fledged race of Asian Games soccer starts with the tournament where only strong players remain.

The women’s team, which recently won three consecutive bronze medals, is aiming for its first gold medal, while the men’s team is trying for its third consecutive gold medal.

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