Last Friday, a coalition called No Times Square Casino officially opposed Caesars Entertainment, Rock Nation and SL Green’s bid for a 1515 Broadway casino. 바카라사이트 The group is led by the Broadway League, and represents the theater owners and producers. It is also supported by five neighborhood associations, several restaurant owners and churches.

With their bid for a casino in Times Square, a consortium of Caesars Entertainment, Rock Nation, and SL Green is considering obtaining one of the three Downstate Casino licenses available in New York. In January, the Gaming Facilities Location Committee began requesting applications for stakeholders, and the three winners will be announced by the end of 2023.

“No Times Square Casino” said in a statement on Friday that the GFLB’s application request will only be contested by community-backed projects as competition for downstate licenses intensifies in the spring, a reason for the coalition’s strong opposition to the consortium’s bid for Times Square Casino.

Some of the Union’s concerns about the project include worsening congestion in areas already blocked by traffic. There are also concerns that visitors will be tempted to stay inside casino walls instead of defending local restaurants and existing entertainment venues, as well as disrupt businesses that have already proven to be beneficial to the city.

Sardi’s, Joe Allen and Orso, and Bar Centrale are concerned about potential changes to the structure of the theater area. Mary Hatman of Joe Allen and Orso restaurants said small businesses in the community had to overcome major challenges, such as the unprecedented situation in 2020, and plans for Times Square casinos would pose unnecessary risks.

Meanwhile, the race for licenses in northern states is getting fiercer. According to a recent report, a total of eight bids were submitted for three state licenses. One of the interested parties is Las Vegas Sands, which aims to host gaming facilities on Long Island, New York.

But the gambling leader’s bid was also opposed by the community. In March 2023, an organization with trustees from Hofstra University, titled Oppose the Casino Citizens’ Association, condemned the bid as “completely inappropriate.” Hofstra Trustees said the casino’s target location is surrounded by educational institutions from kindergarten to graduate school and various suburban communities.

In addition, Thor Equity shared an interest in obtaining one of the available licenses. For the project, the company partnered with Saratoga Casino Holdings, Chicaso Nation and Legend Hospitality. If the license is approved, $3 billion in commercial gaming properties will be located on Coney Island in New York.

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