Macao casino operator MGM China Holdings Ltd will work to support the city government’s plan to “reactivate” the historic region by introducing more services and commercial elements to the Macau Barra region.

That’s according to a joint presentation Tuesday co-hosted by the Macau government and executives of MGM China. The area MGM China has set up to support the government’s revitalization is the former D. Carlos I Dock area of Barra district, covering a total of 35,324 square meters, according to a press briefing Tuesday.

MGM China supports the introduction of additional leisure elements into the region, including art exhibitions, installations and performances, spaces to sell cultural and creative products, and food and beverage services.

In a briefing, MGM China Chairman Pansy Ho Chiu King said there was no timeline and budget yet to complete the activation project, as it would take more time to analyze all the information needed for what he said was a “large-scale” plan.

Macao’s Minister of Social and Cultural Affairs Elsie Ao Iong U said on the same day that some existing government offices located in the Barra area will be relocated when work related to the revitalization project begins. She said one of the priorities of the project is to preserve buildings of historical value within the area.

Speaking about the Barra district plan, Director Leung Wai-man said the area, which includes some old industrial buildings, is a testament to the city’s marine history. “But the area lacks foot traffic and economic vitality, which is the main reason we want to revitalize the area,” he said.

Having more “commercial” elements will help attract more visitors to the Barra area,” Leung said.

The Macao government has already asked Macau’s six casino concessionaries to promote “community tourism” in Macau as part of a new concession-free game pledge. The initiative includes six casino operators helping introduce tourism elements to the former regions of Macau.

On Tuesday, Mr. Aoyoung selected six areas to be renovated with the support of casino companies. “These include the previously announced pedestrian section of Rua da Felicide, piers 23 and 25 of Inner Harbor, the bara section of San Maru and Rua de Cinco de Outubro, the Ike Long Firecrackers Factory section [in Taipei] and the Rai Chi Bun Shipyard section [in Colorado],” the official said.

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