Korea Loses 1-3 to Canada and Fails to Advance to Davis Cup Tennis Round of 16

The Korean men’s tennis team failed to advance to the round of 16 of the Davis Cup, a national competition.

Korea won the doubles match against Canada on the second day of the 2024 Davis Cup final qualification match (4 singles, 1 doubles) held in Montreal, Canada on the 4th (Korean time),

but gave up the 3 singles and lost 1-3.

On this day, Korea’s doubles team of Nam Ji-seong (140th in doubles, Sejong City Hall) and Song Min-gyu (399th in doubles, KDB Korea Development Bank)

beat Canada’s Alexis Galarno (553rd in doubles) and Pospisil Bae (576th in doubles) 2-1. 온라인카지노사이트

He defeated them (6-4 6-7<4-7> 6-3).

Korea, where Kwon Soon-woo (700th place) and Hong Seong-chan (224th place, Sejong City Hall) lost in the 1st and 2nd singles matches the previous day,

looked for a comeback by chasing with a mid-point score of 1-2.

In the final match held in Seoul last year,

Korea lost the 1st and 2nd singles matches to Belgium,

but won the doubles and 3rd and 4th singles matches on the second day to achieve a 3-2 comeback victory.

A similar scenario was envisioned this year, but Hong Seong-chan, who played 3 singles,

lost 1-2 (5-7 6-4 1-6) to Gabriel Diallo (132nd) and could not advance to the final 4 singles match.

The 4th singles match, which was scheduled to be a match between Kwon Soon-woo and Pospisil (486th), was not played by agreement of both teams as the winner and loser had already been decided.

Korea, which advanced to the Davis Cup Finals, the world’s round of 16, in 2022 and 2023,

failed to advance to the round of 16 of the Davis Cup for three consecutive years with this loss.

Korea has advanced to the round of 16 of the Davis Cup in 1981, 1987, 2007, 2022, and 2023.

With this loss, Korea was pushed back to the World Group 1 match scheduled for September this year.

If they win the World Group 1 game, they can advance to the final round again in February 2025,

but if they lose the World Group 1 game,

they will go down to the World Group 1 playoffs again.

National team coach Kim Young-jun said, “I am very disappointed with yesterday’s result (2 losses),” and added,

“Everyone knows that Canada (2022 Davis Cup champion) is a powerhouse, and even though the players lost,

they made it even and gave us an opportunity to go further.

“I think it will happen,” he said.

Coach Kim Young-jun said to the fans, “I will do my best to prepare for the World Group 1 match in September,

no matter who our opponent is,” and added, “You supported us a lot,

but we are sorry for not meeting your expectations.”

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