PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) tied Stadren 1-1 at home in the 23rd round of the 2023-2024 season in Paris, France, on the 26th (Korea time).

They managed to avoid losing due to a tie after a poor game. PSG was trailing 0-1 until right before the end of the game. He got a penalty kick in the extra time of the second half, and Gonzalo Hamus, the kicker, succeeded and secured one point.

With six wins, six draws and one loss with 54 points, PSG has firmly maintained its No. 1 ranking in the Ligue 1. It is 11 points shorter than Stade Brestua, who is ranking second. Rennes maintained his seventh position with 35 points with nine wins, eight draws and six losses.

Lee Kang-in started the game on the day. He played as a central midfielder of PSG. However, he played for a long time. He was replaced by Marco Asensio at the start of the second half while playing only the first half.

In the previous match against Nantes, Lee Kang-in played 61 minutes and went out as a substitute. In other words, it is early replacement out for two consecutive games. During this period, there were no offensive points and his performance was not impressive. He is steadily making progress as a starter, but his playing time is getting shorter and shorter. Now he can’t be sure of his starting position.

Local media in France are criticizing Lee Kang-in. In the game with Ren, there was no shot or dribble breakthrough and six errors were made. The soccer statistics media “Sopha Score” gave Lee Kang-in six to seven points. The French media “Get Football News” gave Lee Kang-in four points, the lowest among PSG players.

PSG took the lead in the early days of the match. Kylian Mbappe and Usman Dembele raced the Ren defense with aggressive attacks. However, it was Ren, not PSG, who actually scored the first goal.

In the 33rd minute of the first half, Amin Guiri dribbled into the penalty box. PSG defenders were helpless against Guiri’s dribbling. Eventually, Guiri shook the net with his right footed shot.

PSG ended the first half with 0-1. PSG coach Luis Enrique quickly made a decision. Lee Kang-in, who had little performance in the midfield, was excluded. In the 20th minute of the second half, he actively took the replacement card, including removing Mbappe.

The long-awaited goal did not come out. It was just before the end of the game that PSG had a dramatic opportunity. Hamus tripped over goalkeeper Ren and the referee declared a penalty kick through VAR. As a kicker, Hamus scored a goal. It was the moment when PSG escaped from the brink of defeat.

Lee Kang-in had no presence. Coach Enrique did not have much impact on the team’s attack to the extent that he was the first to shoot Lee Kang-in as a replacement card target.

The recent controversy over the demotion in the national team seems to lead to performance. Lee Kang-in personally went to London, England, on the 21st and apologized to Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min forgave. However, it is not known exactly what he did wrong and what he forgave.

“I thought it was important for (Son) Heung-min to visit him in person and offer a sincere apology, and I had time to understand and reflect on myself through long conversations,” Lee Kang-in said on his social networking service. “I thank Heung-min again through this article for welcoming me and responding to me when I went to London,” he said. “I did something that I should never have done at the meal that day. Looking back now, it was something I should never have done. I deeply regret these things. Respect and dedication to the team are the most important things, but I lacked a lot. I contacted each of my seniors and colleagues in the national team and apologized.”

“I would like to thank my seniors and colleagues who have accepted my apology and embraced me through this article once again. Some players have been criticized for their actions. I think I should also receive criticism from them. As a soccer player, I will become Lee Kang-in who strives and dedicates himself to further development,” he added.

Immediately afterwards, Son posted his statement. “Hello, I’m Son Heung-min. I want to say something a little heavy and difficult today. I sincerely reflect on myself and made a sincere apology to all the players of the national team,” Son said on his SNS account.

“When I was young, I made a lot of mistakes and showed a bad appearance, but I think I can be here now because of the stinging advice and teachings of good seniors every time,” he explained.

Son Heung-min vowed, “We will take special care of all our players so that Kang-in can grow into a better person and a better player as a senior member of the national team and as a captain.”

Rather, he blamed himself. “I don’t think I did a good job and I think it was something that could have been criticized enough. However, I believe that it is one of the captain’s duties to act in such a bad way for the team, so even if I am in the same situation again, I will act for the team. However, I will do my best to lead the team wisely and wisely from now on,” he said. “Since then, Kangin has been having a really hard time. Please forgive me just once with a generous heart. As the captain of the national team, I ask for your kind cooperation.”

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