“Pitchclock? No pressure, I think it’s better. (Laughs)”

He learned directly from Eric Peddy, 31, who won the league MVP (Most Valuable Player) last year with 20 wins and 209 Ks. He perfected his pitching stance with tireless effort and grit, along with advice from pitching coach Kim Soo-kyung. This is the story of Young Gun Shin Min-hyuk (25), one of the NC’s starting pitchers. With the stance he learned from Pedi, he doesn’t have to worry about the “pitch clock” (the time limit between pitches) that will be applied this season. “We will have more synergy,” Shin said, expressing his confidence.

On the 2nd (local time), Shin Min-hyuk met with the NC Spring Training at Reed Park Enex Field in Tucson, Arizona, USA, where the NC Spring Training is underway, and revealed his goals and resolutions for this season.

“I’m adjusting well to the jet lag and I’m training in a good mood,” Shin said. “Last year, I was impatient because I wanted to do everything quickly, but this year, I’m going to prepare slowly. I’m preparing for the season by focusing on my weaknesses. As the years go by, we have a routine, and we’re trying to make it work.”

In particular, he mentioned the introduction of the automatic ball judgment system (ABS) and pitch clock, also known as “robot umpires,” which all players are eagerly anticipating in the KBO for the 2024 season. He said he gained confidence in his pitching form after learning from Pedi, who hit a “monster ace” last year.

“My weakness is that when I throw a lot of pitches in a game, the ball goes up the middle, and I give up a lot of runs with runners on base. “I think I need to work on more sophisticated pitches when there are runners on base,” he said. “If I can fix it, I think I can achieve good results with more aggressive pitches since the pitch clock was introduced this season. I’m a fastball pitcher. With the introduction of the pitch clock, it can be an advantage. I’m not worried about the robot umpire because I think there will be a good synergy.”

I’ve been working on my pitching mechanics with Pedi and have gotten faster. Current rules require him to pitch in 18 seconds with no runners on base and 23 seconds with runners in scoring position. He only needs 10 seconds to set up and pitch.

“Originally, it was 13-14 seconds, but after learning the pitching stance from Pedi, the power analysts said it was down to 10 seconds. I think 18 seconds (with no runners on base) would be comfortable for me.” “I asked a lot of questions and learned from Pedi. He has a great fastball, so we talked a lot. With the help of Coach Kim Soo-kyung and Pedi, I perfected my pitching form.”

With his fastball, he has no problem with ‘pitch clock’. However, he still needs to work on his mechanics and stamina. Moreover, the coaching staff believes that pitchers need to invest in physical fitness training because throwing fast consumes a lot of energy.

In response, Shin Min-hyuk said, “I perfected my pitching form in the second half of last year, so I haven’t thrown full-time yet. However, I am very concerned about my physical fitness. I plan to compensate by focusing on physical training during the camp.” “Also, if I throw fast, my pitches can be shaky, so I’m focusing more on my pitches than my speed. I’m focusing more on my pitches than my velocity, so I’m going to work on my stamina and my pitches.”

The first task of NC’s spring training is to form a homegrown starting lineup. Head coach Kang Myung-ho plans to finalize the starting lineup in this camp. Aside from the foreign one-two punch, Shin Min-hyuk has established himself as a solid NC starter. The coach has high 실시간 바카라사이트 hopes for him.

Shin’s goals are also clear. He wants to pitch more than a regulation inning and win 10 starts. To achieve his goals, he is working on his pitches and perfecting his curveball. “I’m under pressure to start, but I want to fulfill the manager’s expectations. My goal is always to pitch more than the required innings and win 10 games,” he said. “I’m trying to improve my curveball percentage this season. To improve my perfection, I asked and learned from Yong-chan (Lee), Si-hoon (Kim), and everyone who throws curves well. It’s difficult, but I’m practicing with the idea of creating my own curve. Even if it doesn’t work, I’ll try to hit it.”

Finally, Shin Min-hyuk said, “I have never won at home in fall baseball. This year, I definitely want to go to fall baseball and win at home.” He vowed, “I will definitely do an interview in front of the fans with a home win in fall baseball.”


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