British media were concerned that Tottenham would have a leadership vacuum if Son Heung-min was absent.

“The Athletic” worried on the 2nd (Korean time), “With Son Heung-min participating in the Asian Cup, Tottenham will have a difficult time as captain.” Even if the striker is absent internally and the remaining players solve it somehow, there is no clear answer to who replaces the captain’s role.

The Athletic said, “Tottenham manager Enzi Postecoglou must find an answer to replace Son’s goal. It is a difficult task. Hishalisson, who recently returned to the center forward, will hope to continue his performance. Other strikers should also step up and contribute. However, Tottenham has another problem,” failing to clear the question mark.

The Athletic hit the nail on the head, saying, “Who will take over the captain’s armband from Son Heung-min?”

Son Heung-min took over as the new captain after Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich last summer. Son Heung-min showed leadership that he had not shown before based on his soft and friendly personality. In addition to white people in Europe, he led Tottenham’s various teams in South America and Africa in a very harmonious manner.

The Athletic praised Son as the perfect captain, saying, “Son Heung-min was a clear and unique option. Not only is he the best player in Tottenham, but he is also the heart of the team and an exemplary expert. He is honest with the media. He is loved by his teammates as well as staff and fans.”

In general, vice-captain takes over the role. Postecoglou appointed James Maddison and Christian Romero as vice-captain while leaving the new captain to Son Heung-min. Coincidentally, both Madison and Romero are injured.

“Captain’s mental leadership is a given, and he has to play first. Someone has to wear an armband and run. He also has to be responsible for responding to the media on behalf of the players.

The Athletic said, “In theory, Tottenham have two very capable deputies. The problem is that both are injured. Madison injured his ankle ligament two months ago. Romero suffered a hamstring injury in late December. Both players are expected to return in late January at the earliest.”

It is unclear who will be the field commander in the third round of the FA Cup against Burnley on the 6th.

The Athletic mentioned Ben Davies, Guglielmo Vicario, Destiny Udogi and Dejan Klusevski as candidates.

Tottenham is scheduled to play against Burnley on the 6th (third round of the FA Cup), Manchester United on the 15th (21R away), Brentford on February 1st (22R home), Everton on the 5th (23R home), Brighton on the 11th (24R home), Wolverhampton on the 18th (25R home), and Chelsea on the 25th.

The Asian Cup final is Feb. 10. Assuming that Korea is advancing to the final, Son will return to the match against Wolverhampton on Feb. 18 at the earliest. Tottenham should endure as interim captain for five to six games.

According to the Evening Standard, Son Heung-min stressed that the departure of the ace is rather an opportunity for others to grow.

“I feel the same way as when Kane was injured and missed several games. Over the past few years, I realized that I have to take a step up. I hope our players also contain the need to take steps up,” Son said.

“In this situation, I can develop as a player and as a human being. Hisalisson is already fantastic right now. I hope he wants to score more goals than now. The same goes for Kluzewski and Johnson,” Son said, advising not to be satisfied with the reality.

“I hope that everyone who plays on the offensive can score as many goals as possible and lead us to a better position. This is what I want more than anything else,” he said.

“Telegraph” advised, “Tottenham should now learn to live without Son Heung-min as it did with Kane.”

“Tottenham captain Son Heung-min took the lead in reviving under Enzi Postecoglou. However, he made the list of defaulters as he participated in the Asian Cup. Son Heung-min took over the role of Kane at Tottenham. He has established himself as the captain, savior and leader of the team,” Telegraph said in a high note.

Telegraff said, “Tottenham is playing its season in extreme difficulties. We need to find a way to replace Son.”

Telegraph said, “Son Heung-min will soon leave for a training camp in Abu Dhabi for the Korean national team. If Korea does well in the competition, Son will not be able to play in the Premier League for six weeks. Tottenham has suffered tragedy such as injury and accident over the past few months, and it must endure Son’s departure.”

Telegraph said, “Son has 12 goals so far. It is the highest number of goals scored in his team. The most destructive player in his team leaves the biggest gap,” frowning that there is no right player to replace Son.

Meanwhile, it is no exaggeration to say that Tottenham, in addition to Son Heung-min, has half-staffed power as key midfield pafesar and Yves Bissouma play in the Africa Cup of Nations.

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