But the atmosphere changed at lunchtime. The indoor training ground at Nara Bunda Ball Park in Canberra, the capital of Australia, has turned into a venue of cheering, reminiscent of a World Cup final. What’s going on.

KIA is displaying “yutnori” to celebrate the Lunar New Year holidays. Players who enjoyed rice cake soup cooked by Kwon Myo-soon, the president of the Korean Association in Canberra, Australia gathered at an indoor training center.

“The outdoor team will win no matter what,” Na Sung-bum said in expressing confidence. Whenever he met outfielders such as Kim Seok-hwan and Lee Chang-jin, he threatened them by saying, “I’m going to win no matter what, okay?” Everyone looked determined and clenched their fists to show off their extraordinary competitive spirit.

The tournament, which started in eight groups, including pitchers, catchers, infielders, outfielders, coaches, and front offices, was heated with eyes on the yut board and a huge roar. As Na Sung-bum wished, the outfielder group advanced to the final tournament and defeated the pitcher group to win the championship.

Na Sung-bum and Socrates Brito were named MVP.

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