Heo Woong (30, 185 cm, guard) bounced back from his last game.

After playing over 29 minutes and scoring just two points against Wonju DB in his first game since the international break, Heo came up big today, helping the team overcome a 14-point deficit to win.

Heung finished with 22 points, including five three-pointers, three rebounds, and four assists against Suwon KT of the 2023-24 regular season at Busan Sajik Gymnasium on Feb. 2.

Heung’s performance helped KCC to a 101-94 victory over Suwon KT, which also received contributions from Choi Jun-yong (22 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists), Ra Gun-ah (16 points, 14 rebounds), Paris Bass (32 points, 16 rebounds, 4 assists), Ha Yoon-ki (19 points, 12 rebounds), and Jung Sung-woo (16 points, 5 assists). It was a thrilling come-from-behind victory that overcame a 14-point deficit in the third quarter.

Heo started the game in the starting lineup. He played all 10 minutes of the first quarter. He shot 67% from the field (1-for-1 from 2-point range, 1-for-2 from 3-point range) and scored five points. Added a rebound and an assist. It was a foreshadowing of his last game’s slump. Played 6:22 in the second quarter. Finished with four points and one assist. Scored on a 3-pointer and a free throw.

In the third quarter, Huong missed all three of his free throws. He played all 10 minutes and had one assist and three turnovers. It was reminiscent of his last game. But it was a “prelude” to his fourth quarter performance.

In the fourth quarter, Huong came out flying. After scoring the game-winning basket to tie the game, he also scored the game-winning basket to put the game away. He scored 13 points on three 3-pointers, a field goal, and a free throw. He added a rebound and two assists.

After the game, Huong said, “I really tried my best today. I think I gave 150%,” he said, adding, “KT is the top team, and that’s how we had to win. That’s why we were able to get a good result.”

“I think we had different willpower on defense. There was a moment when we lost our will at the front. We overcame it well, and we’re trying to be careful of those moments and emphasize them during the game.”

On the big lineup, he said, “It’s still a little tight. We need to open 토토사이트 up the offense through early offense and use our height advantage on defense. We need to avoid set offenses as much as possible. Only then can we improve the efficiency of our big lineup.”

KCC has a home winning percentage of over 70%. I wondered why Heo thinks that.

“I don’t really know. We still feel like we’re on the road. I think other teams are more unable to adapt than us. Busan is a long way away,” Heo said.

Finally, Heo Woong talked about the matchup with his brother Heo Hoon, saying, “He’s not 100%. He will be 100% when we meet in the playoffs. I think we can have a fun match then.” He wrapped up the interview by saying, “He’s not 100%.


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