Vice Labor Minister Lee Sung-hee speaks during a government meeting at Government Complex Sejong, Friday. Yonhap

The government needs to create jobs for 894,000 more people in the next decade to tackle the economic slowdown that is widely attributed to the country’s population decline .Vice Labor Minister Lee Sung-hee made the comments during a government meeting on Friday, citing a report written by the Korea Employment Information Service. The report highlighted that the country’s deepening demographic woes stem from rapid aging and a rapidly declining birthrate, which will have a direct impact on the labor market. It noted that demand for workers in various sectors such as child care, health and welfare as well as information and communications, and scientific technologies will increase, while the number of those working in manufacturing will see a decline.

Based on this analysis, the report said that the country needs 894,000 more workers in order to achieve its economic growth forecast by the end of 2032.In response to a decreasing working-age population, the government will formulate policies aimed at boosting the employment of the youth, women and middle and old-aged people, Lee said. “We will expand flexible work programs and enhance child care support as well as enhance support for changing jobs,” Lee said. “In the short term, we will make efforts to place workers with the right skills in appropriate positions. ”He also vowed to support the issuance of work permits for foreign workers and assist their settlement in the 카지노사이트 country.

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