San Diego Padres infielder Ha-seong Kim became the centerpiece of the team’s official social media accounts with a hit for the cycle.

Kim put on a one-man show to lead the Padres to victory against the San Francisco Giants at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA, on Monday. Starting at shortstop in the No. 5 spot, Kim reached on an infield single with two outs in the first inning to give the Giants a 2-0 lead. He scored on Luis Campsano’s home run.

In his second at-bat, he hit his first arch of the season. In the second inning, with runners on first and third off Dolphin Jeffries, he hit a three-run home run to left field to make it 6-0. Kim drew a walk with two outs in the third inning to make it 12-0. He struck out two batters later in the fifth inning, 바카라사이트 but completed his three-hit game with a two-run double in the eighth. He came home on Campusano’s single.

Kim, who was hit-for-the-cycle on the day,

finished 3-for-4 with a home run, three doubles, three RBIs and three runs scored. San Diego went on to defeat San Francisco 13-4. Kim improved his batting average from 1-for-6 to 2-for-7.

San Diego posted a post on its official social media account announcing the 13-4 victory. Kim was the star of the first photo. He was shown celebrating after hitting a home run and elbow high-fiving Machado.

In a post-game interview, Kim said, 파워볼실시간 “First of all, I’m glad the team won. don’t think I felt bad hitting, so it’s good. I tried to hit the first pitch aggressively, but the pitcher threw a bad pitch. I wanted to get a hit with two outs and runners in scoring position, so it was nice to get a home run,” he said of his home run.

Kim, who went 0-for-4 in the previous game, bounced back immediately with a big day. He said, “I think this is baseball. There are a lot of games, so I’m trying not to get carried away,” he said.

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