“I’m different from Leo.”

Manager Ogiino Masaji, who leads OK Financial Group, gave up renewing his contract with Leonardo Leyva Martinez (registered name Leo), who dominated the V-League last season.

Leo said, “I don’t need words. Last season, he played in 36 games and recorded a success rate of 54.54% in attack, leading OK Financial Group to the championship game for the first time in eight years. He also won the round MVP twice (fourth and sixth rounds), and was named the regular league MVP and best seven apogit spiker after the end of this season. In the V-League alone, he recorded a good record of 55.96 percent in attack success rate with 5,979 points in 195 games. He has yet to renew his contract with Leo.

Coach Ogiino said, “There was a player who was more suitable for volleyball (OK Financial Group) with good skill, fighting, and spirit through tryouts.”
As a result, OK Financial Group’s new player is Italian-born Apogit Spiker Manuel Luconi. Born in 1999, he has played in the Italian league since his professional debut in 2017. The V-League is his first overseas attempt. He was the last player chosen.

Ogino said, “I think I did a good job. In the second season, I’m going to try to play speed volleyball. I think Luconi is the right player.”

“He jumps very well. He excels in height compared to players over 2 meters. He has a very high RBI, and I think he is a player who can hit attacks with various courses. The most notable part is the player who can target the course, and the Italian player has good skills. You can use blocking. Another thing was that he communicated actively with other players. I think he will be good at that when he joins the team.”

Luconi said, “The nomination was completely unexpected. I am happy to play in Korea. My strength is fast movement and jumping. I am confident in my swing speed, so I will be able to hit effective attacks. I am confident that my speed was top-notch in the Italian A2 league as well. That could happen in Korea as well.”
Leo has been an active player in OK Financial Group for the past three seasons. His RBI may have come down a bit, but his unique explosive power remains. Leo was chosen by Hyundai Capital, which earned the second pick.

Luconi said, “Of course I know that Leo is such a good player that he was drafted second. But I don’t feel any pressure on that. I am a different player from Leo. I believe I can do better. I will be able to play more team games than Leo.”

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