Hearing-Impaired Curling Players Yoon Soon-Young and Kim Ji-Soo Become the First Korean Players to Win a Silver Medal at the Deaflympics

Deaf curling team Soonyoung Yoon and Jisoo Kim (Seoul Disabled Curling Association)

became the first Korean players to win a silver medal at the Winter Games.

Soon-Young Yoon and Ji-Soo Kim took second place after losing 5-9 to the Ukrainian group in the final of the 2023 Erzurum Winter Depic Games Curling Mix Double (Mixed Duo) held at the Turkye Erzurum Curling Hall on the 5th (local time).

This is the first time that Korea has achieved more than a silver medal at the Winter Depic Games. 카지노사이트

The Deaflympics is the largest international all-around competition for hearing-impaired athletes and, like the Olympics, is held every four years.

This is the third time that Korea has participated in the Winter Games, following the 2015 Khanty-Mansiysk and 2019 Valtellina and Balchiavenna competitions.

Korea failed to win a medal at the 2015 Games, but won a bronze medal in women’s curling at the 2019 Games and ranked 16th in the overall rankings.

On this day, Yoon Soon-young and Kim Ji-soo dramatically advanced to the finals by beating the Chinese group 5-4 in the semifinals.

Initially, the two players were not considered medal candidates, but with a high degree of concentration, they beat China by one point and secured the medal.

The final was disappointing.

Korea won 2 points in the 1st end, but was unable to score any additional points in the 2nd to 5th ends, giving up 9 points to Ukraine.

Korea also pursued the game, winning two points in the 6th end and 1 point in the 7th end.

However, the game ended without being able to turn the game around.

Korea is aiming for additional medals in women’s curling starting on the 6th.

Women’s curling is a strategic sport with the goal of winning a silver medal.

Meanwhile, this competition was scheduled to be held in 2023, but was postponed by one year due to circumstances at the venue.

Korea dispatched a team of 52 players, including 18 players.

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