Andy Ukung Quang, president of the Macau Travel Industry Commission, said Macau will receive an average of more than 100,000 visitors a day over the upcoming Easter holiday.

Wu quoted the figure in Macau Daily News, a local Chinese-language newspaper.

Easter is not a holiday in mainland China, but it is a holiday in Macau and neighboring Hong Kong. In the latter case, this year’s Easter holiday runs from Mar. 29 (Friday) to Apr. 1 (Easter Monday).

After Easter this year, Hong Kong, along with mainland China and Macau, has also celebrated the Chinese festival Qingming as a public holiday. This year, the Qingming period in mainland China is designated by authorities from April 4 (Thursday) to April 6 (Saturday), while the holiday is limited in Hong Kong until April 4.

In comments to local media at the event on Friday, Ricky Hoi Iomeng, deputy director of the Macau government’s tourism agency (MGTO), said Macau now has an average of about 70,000 to 80,000 visitors per day. But on Sunday, March 10, MGTO officials noted, the number of visitors exceeded “100,000.

Mr. Hoi said he believed Hong Kong would increase the number of Easter visitors in Macau this year, as it has in previous years.

According to data from Macau’s public security police, Macau’s total number of visitors stood at 481,765 in the six-day period from April 5, the Chinese Qingming festival, to April 10, the end of the Easter season. This meant the six-day average was just over 80,000 per day.

In 2019 – the trading year just before the arrival of COVID-19 – Macau received more than 550,000 visitors from April 19 to April 22, a period marked by an Easter break in Hong Kong, according to archival data from the public security police. This means the daily average for the four-day period was more than 137,000.

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