Keef Yegon wins 3rd 1,500m… “I am the strongest”

Bakali wins second consecutive men’s 3,000m hurdles… Girma 3 times in a row, 2nd place Tausa from Hawaii is the first American athlete to win the women’s discus throw… “Pray for Maui”

Keef Yegon

Faith Keef Yegon (29, Kenya), who has a five-year-old daughter, won her third gold medal in the women’s 1,500m at the World Championships in Athletics. 카지노사이트킹

Keef Yegon won the women’s 1,500m final at the 2023 World Championships in Athletics held at the National Stadium in Budapest, Hungary on the 23rd (Korean time) with a time of 3:54:87.

Its Keef Yegon, who became champion in the event at the 2017 London Games, gave birth to a daughter, Aline, in June 2018.

Keef Yegon’s husband is Timothy Kitum (28), a bronze medalist in the men’s 800m at the 2012 London Olympics.

World Championships

Keef Yegon, who returned to the track in 2019, took second place at the World Championships in Doha that year, following Sipan Hassan (30, Netherlands).

Keef Yegon, who came back to the top at last year’s World Championships in Eugene, won her second consecutive gold medal in Budapest this year and won her third gold medal in the women’s 1,500m.

As Keef Yegon is the only athlete to have won more than three times in the women’s 1,500m World Championships.

Keef Yegon also achieved her second straight Olympic title in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Tokyo in 2021.

On June 3 of this year, after winning the Rome-Florence Diamond League championship with a time of 3:49:11, Genzebe Dibaba (Ethiopia) set a new world record by shortening the time of 3:50:07 set in 2015 by 0.96 seconds. grew up

In Budapest

In the World Championships finals in Budapest, Kip Yegon took the lead from the 800m mark and increased his speed with 300m left at the finish line.

After the game, Keef Yegon said in an interview with the World Association of Athletics Federations and the Associated Press, “The players I played with today are good competitors and friends.”

“We are helping each other.

Today, thanks to the good competitors, I did my best,” he said.

Among the 12 “good players” who entered the finals, the fastest was Keef Yegon.

I did a spurt, but no player followed me,” he said, showing off the dignity of the “champion.”

I have achieved a world record and successfully defended my world championship title,” he said.


On this day, Diribe Welteji (21, Ethiopia) came second with a time of 3 minutes 55 seconds 69, and Hassan took third place with a time of 3 minutes 56 seconds 00.

Hassan, who finished 11th after falling 20m before the finish line after running in the lead in the 10,000m final on the 20th, said, “I ran my first full marathon course (winning the London Marathon) just two months ago.

I decided to participate, but when I looked at the list of participants and the records, I thought, ‘I think it will be difficult to win a medal,'” he said.

“Today’s 1,500m bronze medal is very special.”

Hassan won two gold medals at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, winning both the women’s 1,500m and 10,000m.

At the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which took place in 2021,

she won gold in the women’s 5,000m and 10,000m and bronze in the 1,500m.

At last year’s World Championships in Eugene, she revealed her physical strain,

finishing sixth in the 5,000m and fourth in the 10,000m.

Having succeeded in her medal hunt again in the 1,500m in Budapest,

Hassan now prepares for the 5,000m (qualifying on the 24th, final on the 27th).

Kip Yegon, who had only competed in the 1,500m at the world championships,

decided to compete in the 5,000m in Budapest.

Keef Yegon broke her world record of 14:05.20 at the Paris Diamond League on June 10,

making her a favorite to win the Budapest World Championships in the 5,000m as well.

The 5,000m showdown between Keef Yegon and Hassan is expected to attract the attention of track and field fans once again.

Supiane El Bakali

In the men’s 3,000m obstacle final, Supiane El Bakali (27, Morocco) defeated Lamecha Girma (22, Ethiopia),

who holds the world record (7:52:11), to win her second consecutive victory.

Bakali finished the race in 8:03.53, while Girma crossed the finish line in 8:05.44.

Girma finished second three times in a row,

following Doha in 2019 and Eugene in 2022.

At the Tokyo Olympics, Girma lost the championship to Bakali and won the silver medal.

Bakali said, “I have a good competitor like Girma, so I prepared harder for this event,” and said, “I will challenge for a second consecutive Olympic victory in Paris in 2024.”

Laurauga Tausaga (25) became the first American athlete to become the women’s world discus throw champion.

On this day, Tau Saga broke her personal best record of 69m49 (previously 65m46) by 4m03,

beating Valerie Alman (28, USA) of 69m23 to win the championship.

Defending champion Binpeng (29, China) threw 68m20 and rose to third place.

Tausa, who is from Hawaii, said, “Many people are suffering from the Maui fire.

I pray for them.I hope my joy today will be a small consolation to Hawaii.”

“I wanted to be a bookworm, but my mother guided me into the world of sports,” said Tausaga. “, he also introduced.

Tau Saga, who met a new world through sports, also passed on her ‘golden lessons’ to children who had similar childhoods.

“When you go outside, a new world opens up.”

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