Yongjae Choi]The expectations for Tottenham to win the English Premier League (EPL) have never been greater.

After 10 rounds of the 2023-24 season, Spurs are undefeated in the EPL.

With 8 wins, 2 draws, and 26 points, they are in first place in the league.

Spurs have defied the odds and climbed to the top of the league.

They have completely filled the void left by their star striker, Harry Kane.

New manager Enze Postecoglou’s attacking soccer has worked, and the key word is ‘nails’.

With Son Heung-min at the forefront, the ‘nails’ have scored eight goals and are second in the league in goals scored.

It’s Tottenham fever.

With this kind of momentum and flow, there’s no reason why Spurs can’t win the title.

Some analysts have even suggested that they could win the title if they stay in first place until Christmas.

Tottenham is in a festive mood right now.

But then someone came along and threw cold water on the festivities.

it’s Manchester United “legend” Gary Neville.

He now works as a soccer pundit and appears on television.

Neville had been positive about Tottenham’s rise.

But only for 30 days. After 30 days, Neville issued an eerie warning to Spurs that the title was in danger.


What happened on the 30th?

On the 30th, the “Manchester Derby” took place. 안전토토사이트

Manchester City thrashed Manchester United 3-0 at Old Trafford, United’s hallowed ground. Elling Holland scored two goals and Phil Foden added one.

It was a dominant performance by City that belied the rivalry.

Neville’s warning after watching this game is that City are the favorite to win the title.

It’s a reminder that even with all the Tottenham hype, it’s still Man City who will win the title.

Last season was no different.

Arsenal led the league midway through the season and looked like the favorite to win the title, but City pulled off a last-minute upset.

There was no upset.

The further back in the season we went, the stronger City were in the decisive games.

And City’s early season form hasn’t faltered.

In the first round of the league, they lost their ace and captain Kevin De Bruyne to injury. City faltered a bit.

Especially the monster striker Holland.

Pundits pointed out that without De Bruyne’s courier passes, Holland was not performing at his best.

Some pundits criticized Holland for not adapting to the team’s tactics without De Bruyne and playing in isolation.

In time, Holland adapted to City without De Bruyne.

City suffered two consecutive defeats, a 1-2 loss to Wolverhampton in the seventh round and a 0-1 defeat to Arsenal in the eighth round.

But they bounced back.

They beat Brighton and Hove Albion 2-1 in the ninth round and then beat Manchester United 3-0.

Holland scored in two consecutive games after a two-match drought and is now the top scorer with 11 goals.

Man City is in third place with 8 wins, 2 losses, and 24 points.

They are tied on points with second-place Arsenal and only two points behind first-place Tottenham.

That’s a gap that can be closed at any time if City are at their best, and their performance in the Manchester derby was so perfect that it could be said to be a resurgence of last season’s “best” City.

Tottenham are bound to be nervous.

Pep Guardiola said after the win, “We played a fantastic game.

We were a little bit dangerous at the beginning of the game, but then we dominated the game.

We were aggressive in the second half, we had amazing build-ups, and we scored goals.

We could have scored more than three goals.

We are getting closer to the top of the EPL.”

“After City’s win over Man Utd, Neville issues a warning to Tottenham.

It’s a warning that the title is in danger.”

“Guardiola’s City were back to their best with a spirited performance.

Two goals from Holland and one from Foden gave them a 3-0 win and a two-point lead over Tottenham.

It was their third straight win in all competitions after losing to Arsenal.

City’s title run is starting to take shape.”

Indeed, Neville concluded, “City did what they wanted to do at United.

City have not been at their best in the last few weeks.

City’s current form has put them back in the sights of teams who want to win the title.

City’s momentum is dangerous for the teams fighting with them for the top spot.”

Tottenham are in the most danger. It’s not just Spurs in first place.

It’s not just Spurs at the top. It’s dangerous for Arsenal, Liverpool, and any other team that wants to win the title, Neville warned.

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