Shohei Ohtani, who reportedly agreed to a 10-year, $700 million contract with the LA Dodgers

the details of the contract have been revealed.

‘The Athletic’ introduced the details of the contract that Ohtani agreed to with the Dodgers through a source on the 12th (Korean time).

What is known so far is that Otani agreed to pay ‘a significant portion of the amount’ in installments.

The specific amount is unknown. 토토사이트

The Athletic first revealed its scale through a report that day.

It’s somewhat shocking. The condition is to receive $68 million

which is 97% of the annual salary of $70 million, in installments.

The actual amount received each year is only $2 million.

The remaining $68 million will be paid at a later date. According to The Athletic

installment payments will be made without interest from 2034 to 2043.

It is known that this idea reflected Otani’s intention.

The installment payment gives the club some breathing room in calculating wealth tax and managing player salaries

leaving room for additional reinforcements.

The Athletic reported that through this installment payment

Ohtani’s contract will be calculated as $46 million per year for wealth tax purposes.

In the end, this can be interpreted as an ‘unspoken message

asking the team to create a team that can win the championship since they recruited him.

The Dodgers also seem to have understood this message. 

Currently, they are in the process of recruiting Yoshinobu Yamamoto and are discussing a trade for right-hander Tyler Glasnow with the Tampa Bay Rays.

From Ohtani’s perspective, he was able to enjoy the symbolic number of ’10 years and $700 million’ and the ability to play with a championship record that he could not enjoy with his previous team. 

It seems that both justification and practical benefit were taken care of.

Ohtani, who has become the biggest star in the major leagues, is unlikely to face much trouble even if he does not receive a lot of money right now.

The Athletic reported that Ohtani’s non-baseball income is worth $50 million per year.

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