(29), who recorded the highest contract in MLB history (10 years and $700 million)

will receive only $20 million during the contract period.

On the 12th (Korean time), the Associated Press, The Athletic, etc.

reported in detail about the postponement of Ohtani’s salary payment.

Ohtani agreed to defer payment of $68 million of his $70 million annual salary,” and added

“The deferred amount will be paid interest-free from 2034 to 2043.” 바카라사이트닷컴

It is said that Ohtani first proposed to the Los Angeles

Dodgers that he would receive an amount equivalent to 97% of the contracted annual salary 10 years later.

This is to allow the Dodgers to ease the burden of competitive balance tax and continue to strengthen their power.

This gives us an idea of ​​how great Ohtani’s desire to win the World Series (WS) is. 

He never experienced fall baseball during his time with the Los Angeles Angels.

The Athletic analyzed, “This structure adds flexibility to the Dodgers’ cash management,” and “(Thanks to this)

the Dodgers remain at the top of the competition to recruit Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto and right-hander Tyler Glasnow.”

There is also an analysis that this was in consideration of Otani’s deep pockets and tax-saving effects.

The Athletic reported, “Ohtani appears to earn $50 million

a year through advertising and various businesses,” and the Associated Press reported

He receives a lot of money when he does not reside in California

where the highest tax rate is 13.3%, so he receives tax benefits. “You can enjoy it.”

Meanwhile, Ohtani is expected to be able to keep his uniform number 17, which he wore with the Angels.

The Associated Press reported, “Joe Kelly, who previously used number 17

was registered as number 99, but is currently not assigned any number.

He appears to be in the process of changing his uniform number.”

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