There is a high possibility that coach Kim Ki-dong (52)

who is recognized for his outstanding leadership in the K-League, will leave Pohang Steelers and take over as FC Seoul.

According to soccer officials on the 12th, coach Kim Ki-dong is reportedly in contact with Seoul

where the head coach position is currently vacant, and is discussing a contract. 

Seoul is negotiating with coach Kim Ki-dong, offering him the highest annual salary in the country.

Seoul ended the 2023 season under an acting manager system 카지노사이트

handing over the baton to head coach Kim Jin-gyu after former manager Ahn Ik-soo resigned last August.

An official from the Seoul club explained the situation, saying,

Negotiations are underway with coach Kim Ki-dong regarding the position of coach.

However, no final decision has been made yet.”

Coach Kim Ki-dong is the most recognized leader in the K-League. 

Coach Kim Ki-dong, who made his debut as a coach in April 2019 by taking charge of Pohang

which was in the bottom tier, was recognized for his leadership as he raised the team to 4th place.

The following year, coach Kim Ki-dong, who led Pohang to third place

won the K-League Coach of the Year Award. In 2021, he led Pohang to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League final, and ranked 3rd in the league in 2022 as well. 

This year, they finished second in the league and won the FA Cup.

Pohang is a team that cannot spend a lot of money on its players due to the circumstances of its parent company. 

In 2022, their living standards are not so good that their salary ranking is only 11th among the 12 teams in K League 1. Even under difficult conditions

coach Kim Ki-dong brought in veterans who had not established themselves in other teams

fostered young players, and achieved outstanding results.

If coach Kim Ki-dong leaves the team through negotiations with Seoul, it is highly likely that Pohang’s next coach will be Park Tae-ha (55)

head of the technical committee of the Korea Professional Football League.

The Pohang club made it a fait accompli that coach Kim Ki-dong would leave the team and quickly contacted and negotiated with chairman Park Tae-ha. 

It is known that Chairman Park recently conveyed his intention to resign to the Federation.

Chairman Park is one of Pohang’s legends. He only played in Pohang during his playing days, and also started his coaching career in Pohang. 

In 2007, he assisted coach Sergio Farias and helped Pohang win the K League.

Afterwards, Chairman Park served as the national team coach and contributed to South Africa’s advancement to the round of 16 in 2010. 

Then, in 2012, he experienced winning the K League as the head coach of Seoul.

In 2015, Chairman Park took command of the Chinese second division league’s Yanfen Puder and led the Chinese women’s B team after promoting the team to the Super League. 

He later moved to Korea and served as the federation’s technical chairman since 2020.

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