'Night Fishing' poster starring Son Seok-gu

CGV announced on the 27th that it will exclusively screen the short film ‘Night Fishing’ starring actor Son Seok-gu next month.’Night Fishing’ is a thriller depicting a mysterious incident that occurs at an electric vehicle charging station at night, and was directed by Moon Byeong-gon. Director Moon won the Palme d’Or in the Short Film Competition at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival in 2013 for ‘Safe’.CGV introduced that ‘Night Fishing’, which has a running time of 12 minutes and 59 seconds, is characterized by directing scenes only from the front, back, and left camera perspectives of the car.

It was co-produced by Stannum, a production company founded by Son Seok-gu, and Hyundai Motor Company. It will be screened at 15 CGVs nationwide from the 14th to 16th and 21st to 23rd of next month, and the ticket price is 1,000 won. Short films have been shown in theaters at film festivals, etc., but CGV explains that this is the first time that they are officially screened after going through a rating process like a feature film.Regarding the screening of ‘Night Fishing’, CGV said, “This is a new attempt to experience short-form content in theaters, considering the current 안전 consumption tendency, which is very interested in ‘effectiveness ratio’, which means efficiency relative to time.”

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