Lee Sang-ho lost his team for the first time in a year on the 28th when he was listed on the 13th list of KT Wiz’s pending players. 토토사이트링크 After passing the KT joining test this time last year, he served as a super backup for the infield and helped the miracle journey from last place to the Korean Series, but the result was a release notice.

Lee Sang-ho, who contacted OSEN after the announcement of the list, said, I heard that I was excluded from the pending list the day after the second draft, adding, I had a little expectation for the Korean Series, but I thought I might go out from the end of the season. I felt less sad than other times, but I’m still sad. I wanted to do it with KT next year, too,” he said in a calm voice, accepting the reality.

Born in 1989, Lee Sang-ho graduated from Daegu Sangwon High School and Gangneung Youngdong University and joined the professional league as a Lotte Giants training player in 2010. Afterwards, he struggled to extend his active career as an NC Dinos fostering player again after passing through the SK Wyverns, and settled in the Dinos with his long-awaited first-team debut in 2013. He was mainly in charge of backup, but he did his part silently with a stable defense and fast feet.

Lee Sang-ho moved to the LG Twins in a one-on-one trade with Yoon Hyung-joon in November 2020 and played for two seasons. And in November of last year, he was listed on LG’s second release list along with pitcher Cha Woo-chan and infielder Kim Ho-eun. He also took charge of LG as a special backup and left a batting average of 255 RBIs in 60 games, and was included in the playoff entry and played in all four games, but it was the release, not the extension of the contract, that came back to him.

KT, which needed to reinforce the infield, reached out to Lee Sang-ho. Lee Sang-ho moved to Iksan, KT’s second-tier base camp, around mid-November and participated in the joining test, and became a member of the Wizards Corps with coach Lee Kang-chul’s passing notice.

Lee Sang-ho was not appointed as much as expected by KT. He played three more games than in 2022 60 games when he was in LG, but his at-bat was reduced from 72 to 54. He had to travel frequently between Suwon and Iksan, and his batting average for the season was also low with 1480 eight hits in 54 at-bats. Since then, he has been included in both the playoffs and the Korean Series entry and has taken the fall stage, but has not been included in KT’s 2024 season plan.

But there is no retirement in advance of Journeyman. Lee Sang-ho said, “First of all, I’m worried, but I’m still in good physical condition, and if there’s anything I need, I’d like to play baseball more. I don’t think about retirement. I want to play baseball again somewhere, he said, expressing his willingness to extend his active duty.

Lee Sang-ho plans to conduct both personal training and job search as he did this time last year. He said, I’m all rested now, and I think I need to exercise. I will prepare while building my body, he said. I don’t know when and how it will happen, so I will prepare while waiting for a call. I think I should contact other clubs directly, he said.

Although it was a short time of a year, life in Suwon became another asset for Lee Sang-ho’s career. Lee Sang-ho said, I learned KT’s own training method, and I learned a lot by meeting good coaches and coaches. This is also an experience, he said. I’m sorry that I didn’t win, but I was able to play baseball happily thanks to the support of KT fans for a year. I would appreciate it if you could support me wherever I go in the future, he said, thanking the KT club and fans.

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